Not-so-basic Basics

fall basics

Eeek! It is a LONG weekend (I don’t go back to work until Thursday)! Happy Labor Day weekend and goodbye August. I am especially excited for this weekend because I am taking some really important graduate school entrance exams in the next few days and after Wednesday, I am a free girl.  There is A LOT to look forward to these upcoming months and I can’t wait.  

With the seasons changing in September, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite “transition” pieces that are basic enough to wear multiple times but not too #basic.  They have a little bit of chic detail to them that will be very “in” this fall.  Most of the items below have been marked way down for the weekend. 
First up, faux-leather trim.  Let’s be honest… I am not feeling quite bold enough to wear a full on leather jacket yet but I absolutely LOVE these pieces with just a hint of leather.  Also, maxi dresses are a great option to wear into fall with a light jacket, such as this one.  The LC Lauren Conrad one I’ve linked below can actually get as low as $13 with all of these Labor Day sales going on and using the code AUGUST10.  Last but not least, I sense a lot of black and white stripes this fall along with a lot of leopard print… maybe even some camo print too.    

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