DIY Corkboard

I’ve been thinking about a way I could make my desk space a little more unique and classic without adding too much… Well, I thought of something! Have you ever realized how dull a regular bulletin board looks?  I don’t know why there aren’t cuter ones sold in stores but not to fear… gold spray paint saves the day again! I decided to go with simple thick gold stripes and added a little motivational word down at the bottom. I already had some gold spray paint, as well as white paint from a painting my nightstands recently, so this saved a lot of money.  

What you’ll need:

Cork board

Painters tape in whatever width you’d like your stripes to be
Gold Spray Paint (I won’t use anything other than Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold)
White paint for frame (I used Valspar Reserve from Lowe’s)
Primer for frame (I used Rust-Oleum Matte- Clear)
Scissors or an X-Acto Knife for letters

Step 1: 
Lay painters tape on board and cover the frame.
Step 2:
If you want to put words on your board, open word and type your word.  Using a piece of painter’s tape, trace the word onto the tape lightly.
Step 3: 
Using an X-Acto knife (or scissors,which works but is very difficult), cut out the letters and place wherever you like on your board.
Step 4:
Spray paint away!
Step 5:
Once dry, CAREFULLY remove the tape from the board.  Do this extremely slowly so the cork doesn’t come up in pieces attached to the tape.
Step 6:
Now is time to paint the frame! Most boards sold in stores have a glossy finish already on the wooden frame so you will most likely need a LOT of primer.
Step 7:
Paint the frame after you have enough layers of primer. If your paint “beads up” after applying, you need more primer.
What a cheap and cute addition to an office space!
Have a great week, everyone.

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