DIY Holiday Wine Bottles

I don’t know what it is but holiday decor just makes me feel SO joyful and cheery inside.  What makes me even more excited is when I find a DIY idea which can save some money.  This DIY incorporates some good ‘ol empty wine bottles that you might already have around your house.  So, invite a friend over and make a craft date out of it.  
What you’ll need: 
Old wine bottles (label scraped off)
Spray paint (optional)
 Festive color yarn
Assorted ribbon
sand paper
This is super easy and pretty self explanatory but you should first make sure your wine bottles are clean and smooth.  You’ll need to soak the bottles in warm and soapy water and then scrape the labels off.  Next, you will sand down any excess label that might still be stuck on the bottle.  You can then spray paint the bottles to get a pretty background color before wrapping anything around it.  Once dry, be creative and wrap whatever you want to around it! I used twine, red yarn, and then wrapped some festive ribbon around one bottle.  I may start making a set of these for every season… they turned out great! 
If you want to shop at Michael’s online, use the promo code FESTIVE50 to get 1/2 off one regular priced item.  
Have fun!
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