How to Dress Up Denim in the Winter

Let’s face it.  It is freezing and although we all have been day-dreaming of warmer days, the sunshine doesn’t even seem to want to come out.  We have a long road ahead of us before we can take out our sandals, dresses, and swimsuits and it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to wear to certain events during this frigid time.  This is where our favorite skinny jeans come in to save the day.  But you feel they aren’t dressy enough for a special occasion?  I went to a friend’s birthday brunch (Happy Birthday, Hope!) this past weekend and discovered a few simple ways to dress up my denim without freezing my booty off:

1. Pair them with a blazer.  This beige blazer pictured above was less than $33 and I absolutely know I am going to wear it every week to work.  It’s warm AND takes the outfit to a whole different level. (Wearing a Size Small)

2. The darker, the more dressy.  I love a good pair of dark-washed jeans.  They just look so crisp and clean, especially with a contrasting colored top.  Dark denim with a light and neutral colored blazer- you can’t go wrong.

3. Booties.  If you don’t want your feet to freeze and fall off of your cold little body.. throw some wedged booties on with your jeans.  They will pull the whole outfit together while keeping your look on the dressier side.

So, no more excuses for staying inside and hibernating this winter! (JK I will continue to do that.) Pull out those favorite jeans of yours and dress those babies up.


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