Marble on my Mind

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Yay for it almost being Friday!
 I’ve really been into marble lately and I don’t know where this obsession came from.  I guess it is the neutral shades mixed with the clean looking, fresh pattern of marble swirls.  It also makes me think of the Marble Slab Creamery or Cold Stone and now I can’t stop thinking about ice-cream.  I stumbled upon some marble balls in Target the other day and decided to dedicate an entire post on this newfound love of mine.  I will definitely be needing this pandora charm to add to my bracelet and possibly this kitchen pastry slab to use in the kitchen.  White and grey marble is just gorgeous in my opinion and always looks bright and crisp.  Oh and how about this marble print scarf that is only $8.90?! Perfect for transitioning into spring.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and DRIVE SAFE with the snow/ice.  I had a scary experience yesterday with my brakes not stopping and I am so thankful I’m okay.  Drive slow and carefully if you have to.

xo Shelby

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