Mother’s Day DIY Ideas

Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us and if you’re like me, you may have procrastinated in the past with getting a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your mom resulting in a gift certificate to a nail salon (ain’t nothing wrong with that though).  This year, I really want to try and do a DIY gift because I know she will love that it came from the heart.  (But hey, if you’re not crafty– I think ALL moms would love these earrings.) Of course, Pinterest is my go-to for these types of situations.  I like to think I am creative but sometimes the best ideas are derived from Pinterest and changed up a bit with some true originality. So today I put together some of my absolute fave ideas I found online that were featured on other blogs.
How cute are these?  I’m thinking of maybe doing them with a big wine bottle instead.  I just love anything that has to do with pictures that will last forever.  
Flowers and moms are like peanut butter and jelly.  There just isn’t a mom that doesn’t like flowers, right?! These confetti flower pots are too cute. 
photo via Lil’ Luna
Who doesn’t love to have a treat yo’self day every once in a while? One of my best friends, Sara, and I are guilty of having them way too often.  I love this spa basket idea with all of the little treat yo’self essentials in one tin.  I’d probably add a mini wine bottle to the mix along with some yummy snacks and some pretty mini nail polishes.  I also love this idea because one of my favorite childhood memories is getting manicures and pedicures with my mom.  True fact: I became an entrepreneur at age 8 and opened up a “business” called “SSC” (Shelby’s Shopping Center) where I offered services to my customers (aka my mom) including manis, pedis, veggies I grew out of my own garden… that happened.  I had business cards. 
photo via The DIY Mommy

Who doesn’t need magnets?  Why not have them be meaningful?  These magnets are the cutest things ever and I may just make a set for myself too.  
photo via Sundaesins
Over the holidays last year I made these wine bottle decorations by wrapping them with yarn.  They turned out great and since then, I’ve really wanted to make some for other people as a gift.  I used Christmas colors at that time but for Mother’s Day, I would definitely use some natural looking twine, maybe some white or pastel yarn, and make them a year-round decoration.  I’ve also wanted to wrap a Patron bottle because it’s a really unique shape.  When I do these, the more variety I have makes the finished product look way better.  
Aren’t these colors so pretty for spring?  I can definitely see them on top of the window sill in the kitchen at my mom’s house.  Just get her some fresh flowers and arrange them in these pretty jars.  I might even make some of these for my own place. 
I hope you liked some of these and maybe got some inspiration for Mother’s Day.  Let me know if you have any other DIY ideas for the occasion.

xo, Shelby

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