5 Pieces of Advice for Graduates

It’s Graduation Weekend for a bunch of girls I know and I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I’ve graduated.  This year is particularly exciting to me because the girls who I helped mentor in my sorority, as VP of Member Education, are now graduating.  They were just babies and I can’t believe it is time for them to start new chapters in their lives.  I thought I would write up some words of advice that I’ve learned over the past 3 years that will hopefully help all those graduating to live your happiest post-college life.

1. Don’t waste your thoughts on comparison.
I was the worst when it came to this for a while.  My dream for years was to become a dentist and I just kept telling myself, “wow, if this doesn’t work out, I am going to be SO behind everyone else on a career plan”.  Well, your interests can come and go and your passions can evolve.  If you don’t strive for your dream while it’s within reach, you may always think “what if” later in life.  That, to me, would be the worst.  So, not everyone is meant to go to law school and medical school after college.  You will continue to learn and develop your own skills and talents, and your true aspirations may develop a little bit later than other people’s.  You will eventually learn that happiness is the most important aspect of life and if you aren’t truly happy, your life won’t feel fulfilled.  So, do what you love, don’t compare yourself to other people’s lives, and realize that sometimes it may take a couple years to be able to “do what you love”.
2. Remember to make room in your life for your friends.
You may be thinking, “Obvs I’m going to keep in touch with my friends, we see eachother every day!”  Your friends will eventually get into relationships and will get married and everyone will lead very busy lives.  You’ll be tired after a long day of work and want to just want to sit on the couch or you’ll feel like you have other things that are important, like exercise.  You’ll have to actually make an effort to see your friends even if your dinner dates get postponed five times.  I would highly suggest a monthly or bi-weekly get-together with whom you want to stay in touch.  A bunch of girls from college and I have a monthly “supper club” which is perfect.  We go to a different girl’s house each month and drink wine, eat, and catch up on eachother’s lives.  Pretty much ALL (minus like 3) friends of mine are married and everyone’s life is busy, so it’s really important to plan a time in advance where you can catch up. You will soon realize who your “constants” are in your life and it will be important for you to make room for them on your schedule.  You also will meet a whole new set of people and might even make some new best friends!
3. Surround Yourself with Positivity 
If you get into a situation that is destroying your happiness, don’t be afraid to press the delete button on that **** and find something new.  Whether that be a job where you are treated poorly or a relationship that is going nowhere, get rid of it.  You don’t need that negativity in your precious life and there are always other opportunities.  You are a fresh baby that has emerged out of the birthing canal of college and there are jobs where you could be happier and people who would treat you better.  Change while you’re young before you waste too much time of your life on something that is undeserving.
4. Remember That You’re Still Young
Don’t get caught up in asking yourself why you aren’t married, why you’re not in a relationship, why you’re not making a ton of money yet.  Repeat after me: I am still young.  You are right where you are meant to be.  Each little stepping stone teaches you something and moves you a little further in reaching your goal.  Whether those stepping stones are a tiny little pebbles (like some of mine have been), it is still a stepping stone, and you are still learning from each experience. You aren’t going to get out of college and then immediately become a Director of _______ at your dream company.  Life doesn’t work that way.  You’ll work towards your goals each day and enjoy each moment along the way.
5. Care Less About What Other People Think
You will quickly learn to not care about what others think and you’ll realize how much more happiness you’ll have when you do this.  Not everyone enjoys the same things and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you don’t have “normal” interests. I learned to ignore rude or snarky comments and just do what interested me.  Be yourself and don’t be afraid to take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to learn too!

Well, those are my five best pieces of advice I’ve learned over the past 3 years.  I hope you have the BEST graduation weekend and get excited for what the next chapter in your life as in store.  Don’t be sad for this is just the beginning of a something amazing!xo, Shelby

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