101 Things in 1001 Days

While reading some of my own favorite blogs the other day, I stumbled upon Mackenzie Horan’s list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  It inspired me so much and I wanted to create my own to maybe help hold me accountable for all I want to accomplish and to motivate me to dream big.  There are just so many goals from small to large that can be done over 1001 days and sometimes if you don’t take note of them, the time just flies by.  I’ll continue to update this list as time goes on and hopefully by the end, I will have a lot crossed off!
Start: September 12, 2015
End: June 9, 2018

1. Come up with 101 things and write them down.
2. Go one month without shopping.
3. Read atleast 10 new books.(1. Make It Happen)
4. See 3 great concerts. (1. Beyonce, May 2016)
5. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no tv, no internet)
6. Complete the entire Kayla Itsines workout.
7. Decorate my “dream” bedroom.
8. Try 20 new recipes in an effort to be a better cook (and share them here).
9. Write 20 handwritten letters, just because.
10. Take a staycation.
11. Create and stick to a budget + savings plan.
12. Buy a plant & keep it alive.
13. Try a unique workout class with a friend. (Sep. 2015; Tried Flywheel with my friend Margaret!)
14. Grow professionally in my career.
15. Complete a daily devotional for a year.
16. Pay for someone in the line behind me.
17. Try a Pure Barre class.
18. Get a facial or massage.
19. Go an entire month reaching my Fitbit goal.
20. Grow a garden. (does a tiny herb garden count?)
21. Become members of a church we love.
22. Volunteer for an organization I love.
23. Get a blowout at Parlor Blow Dry Bar. (Read about it here!)
24. Donate hair to Locks of Love.
25. Bake something from scratch. 
26. Visit my grandmother/family in Newport, RI with TJ
27. Relax on a tropical island
28. Plan a trip to Canada (Lake Louise/Lake Moraine)
29. Spend a romantic weekend in Charleston (Does booking a wedding venue here count?!)
30. Take a trip with my girlfriends.
31. Visit a US city I’ve never been to. (Jan. 2016, Dallas)
32. Take a spontaneous road trip. (2016- multiple day trips to Charleston)
33. Visit Austin, TX and see where I used to live.
34. Spend more than just a weekend in HHI.
35. Visit NYC
36. Go skiing. 
37. Go to a golf or tennis major.
38. Travel to a new country.
39. Travel to a new state. 
40. Take TJ to a Yankees game.
41. Take a day trip to the beach. 
42. Be part of a live studio audience.
43. Visit California (again)
44. Marry my best friend. (June 2017!!!)
45. Become a homeowner.
46. Throw a party for someone special.
47. Surprise my parents with a really nice gift.
48. Reconnect/get dinner with an old friend.
49. Form some new friendships.
50. Kayak down the James River with my niece and nephew.
51. Host a holiday party with friends.(Feb 2016, Galentine’s Day)
52. Have my family over for a sit down dinner.
53. Surprise TJ with a date night.
54. Send my mom surprise flowers. 
55. Mail birthday cards (10).
56. Surprise my grandma with a sweet gift.
57. Get a dog brother/sister for Colbie, our chocolate lab.. Maybe.
58. Start a collection of something. (2016, year of the coffee table books)
59. Connect with some local bloggers in person.
60. Send out Christmas cards one year.
61. Learn how to french braid.
62. Take Adobe certificate courses: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress.
63. Take a photography class.
64. Learn how to make videos.
65. Apply and enroll in a MBA program.
66. Take shag lessons.
67. Join a professional organization.
68. Learn how to use a new photo editing software. (Sep. 2015; Lightroom)
69. Upgrade camera.
70. Find some tennis buddies and play regularly (1x/month-ish)
71. Revitalize an old piece of furniture.
72. Design a custom-made piece of furniture.
73. Find the perfect headboard. (Sep. 2015; chose this one!)
74. Take a big step in my career. (Nov. 2015)
75. Attend a blog conference.  (Jan. 2016- read about Create + Cultivate here)
76. Get a new blog design. (Sep. 2015)
77. Host a blogger event.(Feb 2016, Bouquets + Bubbly)
78. Create a blog series. (midweek business chic)
79. Switch to WordPress. (coming summer 2016)
80. Plan a blogger trip.
81. Attend NYFW!
82. Design new business cards.
83. Work with a favorite brand on a post. (Feb 2016- Rent the Runway)
84. Complete new media kit.
85. Try stand-up paddle boarding.
86. Try 10 new Raleigh/Durham restaurants.(1. Vita Vite, 2. Calavera)
87. Wine tasting at an NC vineyard. (Sep. 2015)
88. Go to a good country concert in the summer.
89. Spend a Saturday morning at a Farmer’s Market blueberries!
90. Have a picnic.
91. Attend a summer festival. (May 2016- Cuegrass Festival & Bluegrass at North Hills)
92. Attend an NC State football tailgate with a new recipe. (Nov. 2015)
93. Visit a new park in the Triangle. 
94. Sit in the Dail Club for an NC State football game. (Sep. 2015- It was awesome!)
95. Find my signature cocktail.(margs made by TJ)
96. Find something inspiring at a flea market.
97. Go camping with my family.
98. Plan a family get-together. (Does a wedding count?!)
99. Run in another race with my mom.
100. Make homemade guac. (well, TJ makes it on the reg now)
101. Go canoeing or kayaking (see video here)

I would love to hear if you decide to make your own list like this! Leave me a link below in the comments and I will check it out.

xo, Shelby

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