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Gold Bar Cart, Fall Bar Cart, Decorate Bar Cart for Fall, Ginger Jar, Ginger Vase, Move Loot, Home Decor, Fall Decorating
A few months ago, I moved to a new apartment.  I absolutely love it and I couldn’t have chosen a better place.  However, as one might guess, the move was not very fun.  My car died that week, making it very difficult to move all my things, plus I had far too much stuff that just accumulated over the past few years.  I had to find ways to get rid of a bunch of my furniture and luckily, I found the perfect solution.  

Gold Bar Cart, Fall Bar Cart, Decorate Bar Cart for Fall, Ginger Jar, Ginger Vase, Move Loot, Home Decor, Fall Decorating
That is where Move Loot came in and saved the day/week/month! Move Loot is a website where you can sell and buy used furniture and decor for your home.  Now you can go antiquing/thrift shopping right from your couch! Currently, they have locations in NYC, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Fran, and Los Angeles.  We were able to submit a photo through their very user-friendly app, including a quick description of my piece of furniture I wanted to sell, and request a time when I wanted them to come pick it up and take it off my hands! 
Gold Bar Cart, Fall Bar Cart, Decorate Bar Cart for Fall, Ginger Jar, Ginger Vase, Move Loot, Home Decor, Fall Decorating
Once my items sold, Move Loot simply Venmo’d me half of what it sold for.  I was able to get those obnoxiously heavy pieces of furniture off my hands for free and I even made some extra money.  I also decided to get something from Move Loot too and I chose this ginger vase for only $60! At West Elm, these would be at least $250.  How cute is it?! I can’t believe somebody didn’t want it! It’s a really cool feeling knowing that you bought something that once belonged to someone else.  Who knows how long they had it or where they found it.  
Also, what if my furniture doesn’t sell?  You’ll be notified by email that you can either put it on a “flash sale”, donate it, or have it delivered back to you.  Move Loot seriously made life so much easier that week.  They also sell some pretty neat things like this coffee table (only $108!) and this dark green velvet accent chair
So, don’t forget to check Move Loot out and enter the giveaway below for a chance to win $130 to Move Loot! Before you enter, make sure you are in RDU, Charlotte, ATL, or one of the other locations of Move Loot. The giveaway will end next Friday and the winner will be announced right here.  
This post was brought to you in collaboration with Move Loot. All opinions are my own.

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