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What’s In My Bag?

A good quality handbag might seem to be a woman’s best friend but it is really what is hiding inside that makes all the difference. I’ve always been known to have a lot of things in my bag, including some unusual things.  One time I remember my friend, Emily, and I laughed when we were at a sushi restaurant and I pulled out a wooden box of personalized Japanese chopsticks I had casually stored in my bag.  I could probably live out of my bag and my car currently with the shape it is in right now (note to self: clean out car today!).  There are, however, a few standard everyday items I keep with me that I feel any woman could use to make their life a little easier and today I wanted to share them with you all!  
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1. My phone! Sadly, this is the essential in my bag that comes to mind first.  I like to be able to communicate with my friends and family at any time so I had to add this to the list. I really love this latest palm leaf case I ordered to protect it.  
2. A few good notebooks. I carry around this planner, this notebook for blog ideas, and this notebook for other general notes I might want to take throughout the day. I’ve found that this keeps me the most organized having three separate small notebooks with me throughout each day.  I always feel like I have 50 thoughts going through my head at once at any given time so empty notebooks are crucial. 
3. A pair of sunglasses. It’s frightening leaving the house in the morning without sunglasses.  The highway I took to get to my old job used to literally be blinding in the morning if I didn’t have sunglasses so I make sure there is always a pair in my bag. 
4. Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins.  Since my trip to Dallas in January, I’ve been completely hooked on these new beauty go-to’s that not only work but are so convenient. At the Create and Cultivate conference back a few months ago, all attendees were given a Rosy Lip Tin and I have been amazed at how hydrated my lips have been.  Not once have I had dry lips since that trip in January and I owe it to Vaseline. These tins come in 4 different flavors now: RosyCocoaAloe Vera, and Original. I’d say the Rosy and Cocoa are my definitely my favorites. 
Vaseline has also partnered with one of my favorite handbag, wallet, and accessory brands, GiGi New York, for a limited time (until 3/19) to provide a stylish monogrammed leather pouch perfectly sized for these new Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins. How cute is this little thing?! I’ve been taking mine along with me everywhere I go in my GiGi New York tote. The GiGi New York Lip Tin Pouch has made my bag a lot less cluttered making my life feel more organized and my lips feel soft as butter!
You’ll receive a FREE customized Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin and monogrammed leather Lip Therapy Tin holder with every personalized GiGi New York purchase of $100+ until March 19th.  If you purchase the leather holder separately, you will receive the item monogrammed at no charge, along with a FREE customized Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin. This is all while supplies lasts and you can visit GiGi New York for more details! 
Tote Bag: GiGi New York c/o || Hat: Similar Straw Floppy Hat || Dress: Eyelet Day Dress || Phone Case: Casetify || Lip Tins: Available at Target || Watch: Tan and Rose Gold Leather Strap Watch  || Shoes:  ‘Richford’ Block Heel Sandal || Bracelet: Gold Ginger Bracelet
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Do you have any everyday essentials in your bag? Thanks for stopping by!
xo, Shelby

Thank you to Vaseline and GiGi New York for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 
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