Beach Weekend Packing Essentials with Dove

Each year around the end of March/beginning of April, I begin to think about when I can fit in some quick weekend beach trips.  There is something so calming and rejuvenating about time spent by the sea. Luckily, I have one planned at the end of April but until then, I’ll be keeping an ongoing packing list in the back of my head.  Of course, I love to bring colorful floral outfits and flowy dresses but there are a few items that are more important not to forget while packing. 

1. A comfortable swimsuit 
I’ve purchased a few swimsuits in the past that look amazing online but then when I get them, I feel like I can’t even walk in them or go out in public. Comfort is key when packing your swimsuits for a trip to the beach.  This blue bikini is my latest one this year and I feel like I could play a game of beach volleyball in it.  The material is a “scuba”-like material and it fits like a glove. 
2. A big hat
I’ve always been a fan of hats at the beach. I spent way too many summers getting a sunburned face and scalp and have learned my lesson the hard way. Not only are they highly protective, but they make you look 10x more stylish too, if you find the right one! My latest hat find is this straw floppy hat.  You can wear it on the beach during the day and out on a date later that night!
3. Summer Shoes

A comfortable pair of sandals to go out to eat in is one thing I never forget to pack. A cute pair that also feels like pillows surrounding your feet is hard to come by so let me save you the work and check out these! They are 100% worth it and will stay in good shape!
4. Dove Dry Spray
I am super excited to have partnered with the brand of deodorant I’ve been using ever since I can remember – Dove! I’ve been wanting to share with y’all the latest beauty essential you definitely don’t want to miss, Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, which has been a total game changer. I love how it goes on instantly dry and has 48-hour odor and wetness protection. 48 hours?! That’s a whole beach weekend smelling fresh right there. I’ve been using it lately and am a huge fan of this stuff.  It’ll definitely keep you protected from odor and wetness even after a long day out in the sun.  Dove Dry Spray also provides moisture without having visible residue. I would definitely go pick up a bottle for your next weekend trip or just for every day use.  Go to to learn more and #TryDry! 
5. Cover-Up
I never thought I’d see the day that I would be wearing hats, cover-ups, 50 SPF sunscreen, and using sunless tanner regularly. Are you proud, Mom?  I grew up trying my hardest to get just a little bit of a tan and ended up burning every time. Last summer, I’m pretty sure I had an entire collection of beach cover-ups by the time summer ended. There are SO many cute options too, these days. I’d say cover-ups are in the top 2 of beach essentials for me. 

Your resort might have towels by the pool but they’re probably not the largest or softest you’ve used. I try to remember to bring a nice towel of my own to throw in my tote for a day at the beach. 
7. Sunnies

This probably goes without saying but leaving your sunglasses at home when you go to the beach is the worst. You don’t want to have to buy a cheap pair to substitute them so I always try and remember to pack my sunglasses! In fact, I typically keep a pair in my bag and car, just to be safe. 
8. Sunless Tanner and Sunscreen

You can always buy sunscreen at the store if you do forget it but to save money and precious beach time, it’s a good idea to pack some in your bags. I also try and bring a lotion with gradual self tanner such as Jergen’s Natural Glow to keep a healthy looking glow and stay moisturized. After all, I want to enjoy my time at the beach and not worry about trying to get color from the sun. I have given up on that. 
So there is my quick list of beach essentials! They’re actually all very important when it comes to being healthy and happy at the beach.  Did I leave anything out that you would say is crucial to your beach suitcase? Also, I’d love to know what beach is your favorite to visit!  I have a couple – Emerald Isle in NC and Hilton Head Island in SC!
Thanks for stopping by!
xo, Shelby
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12 thoughts on “Beach Weekend Packing Essentials with Dove

    1. We haven't decided AT ALL yet! That is going to be such a hard decision! I can't wait to find out where yours will be! Hope you had fun this weekend in VEGAS! Loved watching via snap!!

      xo, Shelby

  1. Hi Shelby! Love your blog! This post was great, can you recommend a good beach bag? I am also heading to Emerald Isle this summer, I went last year and fell in love!

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks so much! I'm glad you love it. Hmmm a good beach bag… I honestly love Target for beach bags because by the end of the summer, they get sandy & gross but here are a few: || (LOVE that one) || (also love that one if you want some color)

      Hope that helps! Emerald Isle is my favorite- the water can be just unbelievably blue! so peaceful & beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!


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