Leopard Print & Lace-up Flats

Two things I thought I’d be tired of by now when it comes to style – ruffles and leopard print. I’m definitely not even close to being done with these two trends. In fact, I don’t even know if I’d call them trends since they are both pretty classic looking in my opinion. Maybe I’ll look back in a year and wonder what I was thinking but for now, I love them! I wore this cropped ruffle sleeve blouse and leopard print A-line skirt yesterday along with some lace-up flats which were under $25 and shockingly comfortable.

Skirt: A-line Leopard Print Skirt (wearing a US 4) || Top: Cropped Ruffle Blouse (wearing US 4) || Shoes: Lace-up Ballet Flats (under $25) || Bag: Bucket Bag c/o || Watch: Leather Strap Watch, 35mm
Another Monday here way too soon! How gorgeous was it out this weekend?! On Friday night, we met up with some of our best friends at one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. The next day, we  went to a barbecue festival downtown with some new friends of TJ’s and I got a pretty bad sunburn on my arms. I couldn’t even take blog photos other than this outfit because it had sleeves! Half of my arms are fried. I learned my annual lesson though and I am determined not to burn again this year.  My dermatologist appointment this morning should be a great one! On Sunday, I went to TJ’s family’s house, had the best dinner, and got to see his adorable baby niece.
I hope y’all had a great weekend.
xo, Shelby
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