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Summer in New England : Rhode Island

Today I’m sharing some photos from early last month when we traveled up to Rhode Island to pay tribute to my Uncle Pete along with my mom’s entire side of the family. Our family planned a gathering and it was so nice to be able to catch up with all of them in the same place. We had a cookout in the perfect 70 degree New England summer weather and I was able to snap some fun photos that evening! It’s always nice to contribute something to this type of gathering to say thanks so I decided to bring over a couple bottles of Sequoia Grove wine. My family loves wine. They love drinking wine and my parents even have their own little vineyard! So, needless to say, these bottles were a hit.

We were able to try a red and a white and my dad even gave it the thumbs up, which is saying something. We spent the evening catching up with everyone, playing soccer with all of the younger kids in the family, had an impromptu dance party by the pool, and ate the most delicious filet mignon and salmon complimented by Sequoia Grove.
I love learning about different families who start their own winery business so I was excited to learn about Sequoia Grove being a family owned business since 1979. They’re located in the heart of Napa Valley’s Rutherford region and produce one of Napa Valley’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon. Just another reason for me to plan a Napa trip asap!
Anyways, my family up near Newport lives less than a mile away from the beach and at the end of the night we were able to take the golf-cart/Gator down and drive alongside the coastline after dinner. It was one of the highlights of my trip there and I remember feeling so thankful to have one weekend where almost everyone was able to be there at the same time.
The weekend was so much fun that I didn’t want it to end. Ever since we’ve been back home, I’ve been craving those cooler temperatures and have been plotting how I could squeeze in one more trip up there before summer ends! For all you wine lovers out there, I’d definitely check out Sequoia Grove next time you’re picking up a bottle of wine!
xo, Shelby
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