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Happy Friday!

This week felt like an abnormally long week for me… I’m not sure why but I am sure happy to see the weekend finally. To be honest, I haven’t had much blog content planned for the week so today I am just going to share a bunch of random favorites, thoughts on my mind, and plans for the weekend! When I was little, my favorite car game was “What’s your favorite?”. Except, back then, I couldn’t say my “R’s” so it was “what’s your favowit?”. Even now, I love asking people about their favorites – place they’ve been, food to cook, show to watch, it’s just really cool to see what people’s favorite things are! So, let’s get started.

  • Favorite Company: Coton Colors! The mug in the above photo isn’t just a regular mug, it’s a cool mug! If you didn’t know, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Coton Colors will be donating 100% of the retail price of this mug ($9.95) to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


  • Favorite Weekend Plans: TJ “surprised” (I always find out the surprises way early) me with a birthday gift this weekend and we’re flying to Chicago tomorrow for the day! I have never visited Chicago but that blue lake water has always been calling my name and TJ found a Southwest deal he couldn’t pass up. So, that’ll be a pretty epic date! I love exploring new cities with TJ and the weather is supposed to be perfect! Follow along on snapchat (@shelbslv)!


  • Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow: This always changes because I am constantly finding new accounts to follow as my style and interests evolve but there are some accounts that I’ve just loved following lately. The first one is @albertonwheels. I mean, this is a tiny little dog that uses wheels instead of his back legs and he loves his freaking life. You should definitely hit that follow button in this cutie. Secondly, in the fashion world, the photographer/blogger @mikutas has the prettiest photos I’ve seen this week giving me major wanderlust. Since I also have weddinglust, I’ll just be living through her photos for the next year.

Favorite Fall Finds:

Favorite Dresses for Fall Weddings:

Hope y’all have a great weekend! If you have any suggestions of things to do in Chicago, leave them in the comments!

XO, Shelby

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Every time I come to your site, I get distracted and wind up reading other posts (fall booties? Obsessed with the fringe pair). I hope you have the best time in Chicago! One of my best friends lives there and I’ve yet to make it to visit yet. You should do a recap of your trip. Enjoy your weekend away!

    xo, Michele | http://www.classicandgray.com

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