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Updated Hair Routine: 3 Steps for Restoring

Five months ago my hair was in a totally different state. I had 5 different split ends on each strand of hair and my hair just looked dead, especially for someone who has never colored their hair. I did a lot of research on best shampoos and conditioners to restore my hair, learned to invest in higher quality styling tools, and started washing my hair less. After using these products and learning to take better care of my hair, I’ve noticed dramatic improvements and have gotten more compliments on my hair than ever.

Hair Products I Use:

Restore Shampoo || Reconstructing Conditioner (pricey but worth it for damaged hair) || Heat Protectant Spray (the BEST!) || T3 Compact Collection (Single Pass Straightener and Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer)

If you currently have severely damaged hair due to constantly using heated tools on it, I have a few steps to help get you back on the road to restoring that beautiful hair you used to have!


Step 1: Upgrade Your Shamps and Conditioner

I’d highly recommend using this restorative shampoo and this reconstructing conditioner. The conditioner smells AMAZING and I honestly noticed results after the very first wash.

Step 2: Get a Trim and Don’t Forget to Use a Heat Protectant

I’ve always known it was a good idea to use a heat protectant but I always seemed to forget or not think my hair would get as damaged as it was. I would be like “Just this one time won’t hurt”. After getting a trim, I’ve tried to use this stuff as much as I can possibly remember to and it has made a big difference!

Step 3: If You’re Going to Use Heat Tools, Invest in Higher Quality Ones.

Since upgrading my styling tools, I’ve simultaneously decreased the number of times I wash my hair each week. Washing hair less can actually make your hair healthier AND save so much time. If you have the higher quality styling tools to get the job done once and be done with it quickly, you’ll be damaging your hair a lot less in the end. I personally have come to love T3 products, especially their new Compact Collection, perfect for packing up on trips or for using on a regular basis!

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