First Friday Favorites: July

Happy 1st Friday of July! TJ and I got back from a very quick trip to the beach last night (my sister’s and cousin’s family rented a house for the week) and this weekend is looking like a lot of laundry, cleaning, and packing before we go out of town next week. Today we’re sharing a few favorites of last month on IG stories and wanted to share a little more here along with links and any discount codes, if applicable. 

All of these are things we feel have helped us in some form whether it’s new bed sheets, a cleaning product that works great, or an app worth downloading! 

Think Dirty App

This app has been so fun to use this past month, although, at times it can make you feel paranoid about using any sort of product you have. You can basically scan the bar code of your skincare, makeup, cleaning products and it rates them for you from 1-10 based on how “clean” they are depending on the breakdown of their ingredients. It also includes “trending now” articles like “Best Dry Shampoos” or “Top 10 Natural Sunscreens” and it really makes you think before you buy things!


Honey is an extension for your browser that automatically scans all promo codes and coupons when you’re on a retailer’s check-out pages that you never miss out on ways to save money! I love it because I used to use Retail Me Not whenever I remembered to but Honey automatically does it and it’s so helpful. 

Boll & Branch Organic Cotton Sheets

About 3 weeks ago, I ordered a sheet set from Boll & Branch and I honestly don’t know if I can ever go back to anything else… it’ll be hard to find something better! Cotton is one of the “dirtiest” crops using more pesticides/insecticides than most crops in the world, so these luxurious organic cotton sheets aren’t just soft but they make my home feel cleaner. Every morning TJ and I mention something about how amazing the sheets feel. They’re splurge-worthy and sometimes you can find them 20% off during a sale but I also have a $50 promo code if you’re interested: 50PINES 


A couple of weeks ago I got my first Hydrafacial at Bodylase in Cary (Waverly Place). I saved a highlight on my Instagram stories sharing more details about it but it basically is a facial that uses this special technology to clean, extract, and infuse/hydrate your skin in 30ish minutes. It’s very relaxing like a normal facial but it uses this machine that sucks the bad stuff out of your face and infuses the good stuff in! Normally extractions can be painful but this is not painful in any way and I enjoyed every second of it! I don’t get facials very regularly but I will for sure be going back to get another one of these sometime this summer. 

Thieves Household Cleaner

I’ve been using this cleaner for the last couple of months and it has actually made me love cleaning. This cleaner is actually a concentrate that you mix with water so the bottle lasts A LONG time and a little goes a long way. You can use it to clean practically any surface and it’s totally plant-based. I love that it’s under $30 if you buy it alone but I ended up buying a starter kit which included so many essential oils, a diffuser, and so much more. 

Skylar Scent Club

I recently signed up for this monthly scent club where you receive a new limited-edition natural and clean perfume each month and so far, I’ve received 3 separate ones and they each smell SO so good. I’m obsessed with this entire company now. The products are cruelty free and free of parabens and toxic ingredients that can be found in most “fragrances”. I honestly get excited each month for it and use them daily. 

Slipsilk Pillowcase

If you haven’t tried these pure silk pillowcases, you are missing out. I was so hesitant for years about spending $85 on a pillowcase but ever since I bought one last month, I’ve been meaning to order a second back-up one because I can’t sleep without it now! These pillowcases are heavenly and do so many great things for your skin. I’ve tried other “silk” pillowcases and they don’t even compare to these. They’re anti-aging, anti-bedhead, and don’t absorb all of your skincare products like regular pillowcases do. They’re just all around a great investment and for the month of July, I’ll be giving away 2 pillowcases on my Instagram! 

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