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SharkNinja Robot Vacuum

I can't say enough about this little vacuum. It came at the perfect time in our life - when Brooks starting crawling and being on the move. I was worried what we'd do about all of Pearl's tumbleweeds of hair rolling through but this vacuum has completely eased my mind of that worry. We use this vacuum everyday and has kept up with all the dog hair, food, and whatever else gets through on the floor by the "kids". Highly recommend.

Amazon Echo Show

This is something that is on our Christmas list! We have friends who have them and it seems like a convenient addition to have for the family + efficient to use throughout the day. It has video calling, smart photo display, and cane be used to watch movies and TV shows. I feel like it will be a good thing to have for us to separate family vs. work life.

SharkNinja Hair Wrap Wand

I have wanted to invest in one of these hair tools for a long time. I still haven't completely been persuaded on the Dyson Airwrap but Shark released their version of that and I'm intrigued. Getting salon style looks in a fraction of the time can help simplify your morning routine, accelerate date night prep, or just lounge around the house feelin' fab.

Lululemon Fleece Belt Bag

If you can catch these in stock, it's the bag to HAVE. We are always trying to find ways to simplify how we do our morning walks, quick trips to the grocery store, or gym excursions. The belt bag allows for storage of all our essentials and gives us peace of mind that they are secure.

Rapid Egg Cooker

Brooks is eggs #1 fan - scrambled, hard-boiled, you name it. As am I, actually. This rapid egg cooker takes all the guesswork out of making the breakfast staple. The cooker makes everything super convenient without having to stand at the stove to watch water boil too.

Hair Claw Clips

You can never have too many hair claw clips (well maybe TJ would disagree). They eventually just travel off into a mysterious world where you never find them again so it's always a nice practical gift to give/receive. These have a somewhat vintage/90's look to them and come in multiple colors for any shade of hair.

Veggie and Fruit Food Chopper

Here is another kitchen simplifier - the food chopper! It feels like we spend days of our life chopping up vegetables for lunch, dinner, etc. This food chopper makes it super convenient for us to make meals at home and it is easy to clean.

Leather Phone Charger

If you are like us you can never have too many chargers. The most asked question in our home is "where is the charger?". This charger not only makes it so that question is always answered, but it is very sleek, modern, and stylish as well.

NUNA TRVL Stroller

The one-hand, fold-up stroller that I wish every parent could experience! We use this stroller about 90% of the time and cannot get enough of it and its versatility. It is compatible with the NUNA infant car seats and we always get comments about it folding up neatly and can be stored in small spaces. What we thought would be our travel-only stroller has become our every-day stroller for sure.

Prep + Rally Cookbook

If you are like us we are always trying to find ways to simplify meal times. This cookbook shows how you can spend 1 hour of prep to cook 4 delicious and nutritious meals. Perfect for the busy family or anyone who is a fan of good food.
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