New Year

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Well, it is 2015.  You’ve probably thought about a few goals of yours for the new year and I thought I would write down mine.  It’ll be neat to be able to read it a whole year from now and see what I’ve accomplished.  So, here are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2015:

Show more gratitude for the people I love.

Especially these past few months, I have realized how important my family, friends, and boyfriend are in my life.  I sometimes don’t show just how appreciative I am for them but I hope to simply say “I love you” more, spend more quality time with my loved ones, and don’t take for granted any moment spent with them.  
Learn more about photography.
I basically just press a button now and know which lens I like to use most often.  I hope to possibly take a photography class and learn more about the settings about what all my camera can do.  My camera can take pretty good photos now so I can only imagine the potential it has once I learn more.  
Eat out less. Cook more.
See ya waffle fries.  It is time I start using my kitchen more often and stop wasting so much money on eating out.  It’ll make it a lot easier to stay healthy too.  I’ll be healthier, have more money, and gain cooking skills! Maybe I’ll post some blog recipes I learn over the year.  
Read more.
Once I went off to college and decided to major in something quite difficult, I felt like I only had time to read books for school.  I want to read more books for fun, maybe before going to bed each night.  My boyfriend has read so many books and he sounds like a dictionary sometimes with the vocabulary he uses.  Reading just makes you smarter and it is interesting so why not?!
Stop stressing over the future and simply enjoy each day.
I have always worried about what I was going to do for my career and what my future held.  If I have learned anything in 2014, it is that you can’t always make plans.  I thought I was going to be in dental school by now but this is my last week at my current job and I’ll be starting a new job at an amazing pharmaceutical/clinical research company in just 10 days.  I’m still not totally sure what my future holds career-wise but I plan on not worrying so much about that sort of stuff in 2015.  I hope to enjoy each day, meet new people, strengthen my relationships with people I already know and love, be thankful for my health and my family’s health, and live stress-free.  
Happy New Year, everyone!

PS. Thanks for reading this little blog I decided to create.  I get really excited when people randomly tell me they enjoy reading it.  Hopefully it has helped you find something cute and affordable to wear or inspired you in other ways.  I plan on posting a lot more great content in the next year!


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