Girls Weekend in Savannah

Do you have a city that just feels right when you’re staying there?  A city that when you visit you feel comfortable and almost like you’re at home?  That is how I feel about Savannah, Georgia.  Last weekend was my second time visiting this charming, spanish moss covered city and it was such a great time.  Warning: This is going to be a heavy-worded post so if you just want a quick list of favorite places, scroll down to the very bottom!

Each year, my close friends from high school plan a girls weekend trip somewhere. We chose Savannah this year because only a couple of us had visited prior to this.  Basically, I had the best time.  The first time I stayed there (about a year ago), we stayed in a beautiful pink row house.  This time, we stayed in a spacious 2 bedroom condo.  An awesome part about Savannah is how you can visit and not move your car the entire time.  You walk literally everywhere which is perfect for making up for all the amazing food you eat and drinks you drink.

I’ll give a recap on what went down each day:

Since we arrived so late on Thursday night, we didn’t really do anything until Friday morning.  We woke up, walked to B. Matthew’s for brunch, and had a delicious meal before we started our explorations.  B. Matthews was so good and the atmosphere was perfect… not too fancy but still charming.  We made a reservation the day before so I would definitely suggest doing that if you plan on going.  Their breakfast sandwich was on the best toast of my life. 

After eating at B. Matthew’s, we walked all around town just exploring and taking a lot of photos on cobblestone streets.  After a few hours of walking and shopping, it was time to eat again.  I’m going to go ahead and let you know that this trip consisted of a lot of eating. We ate lunch at Moon River Brewing which had a really cool patio outside with music playing.  I’m normally not a huge beer fan but I really liked their beer called Wild Wacky Wit.  It was light, refreshing, and citrus-y.  I’d highly recommend this place too.

By the time we were done with lunch, we were all pretty exhausted from walking so we walked back to the our condo for a quick nap.  We rested and then got all dressed up for the night.  We walked to The Cotton Sail Hotel which had a rooftop bar called Top Deck. We all had a drink and just talked a lot while taking in the awesome view overlooking the river and bridge.

We finally decided to walk to where we were eating a late dinner – Chive.  Chive is a seafood “lounge” which was interesting.  I had never really been to such a glamorous restaurant.  There were gold chandeliers, velvet pillows, marble countertops, sequins, and an overall Great Gatsby-themed environment.  I had crab stuffed flounder on top of some delicious cheesey orzo. 
After dinner, we walked over to this area known as City Market which includes a bunch of restaurants, bars, entertainment, and shops.  There was always outdoor live music being played in this area which I really liked.  We ordered some Wet Willies drinks (might I suggest Miami Vice) and sat on the big benches circling the oak trees to figure out our next move.  There was a big tree-house looking bar called Treehouse which we decided to venture into.  We ended up hanging out there for a while, did some dancing, and then walked home for the night.

One of my favorite places from my very first Savannah trip was this little hole-in-the-wall breakfast place called Clary’s Cafe.  We didn’t wake up quite as early this morning so the girls who did walked to Clary’s Cafe and brought back food for us.  If you ever go here, you HAVE to try their bacon biscuits.  We later walked down River Street, did some shopping, bought a selfie stick (necessary), and walked into Dockside Seafood. We then headed back over to City Market where there were a lot of different types of music going on… from live country music to the local hip-hop radio station. We met a bunch of interesting people during this time. It was soon time for our Savannah Slow Ride tour.  This was SO awesome.  We pedaled around the city and stopped at 3 different bars. My friend hooked her phone up to the speakers and was on the request line so I requested quite a few good ones.  After the dinner, we stopped by Treehouse again and ate at B&D Burgers.  Other than the Savannah Slow Ride, this was probably my favorite spot.  They had a huge outdoor area with cornhole boards, live music, and a big screen projected on a wall.  The band was playing some really good country songs and we all just danced the entire time. It was the best time. Also, the burgers there were quite exquisite.

Overall, I loved every place we went but I’ll provide a list of favorites for those thinking about visiting Savannah in the near future.  This is a list including places from both trips I loved.  Also, I would LOVE to hear any other suggestions of places where I haven’t been!

Favorite Recommendations
B&D Burgers
Savannah Slow Ride and Hearse Ghost Tours
Forsyth Park
B. Matthew’s
City Market
Leopold’s Icecream
Top Deck
Moon River Brewing
Clary’s Cafe

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