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7 Tips on Hosting a Bridal Shower On A Budget

If you’ve been a Maid of Honor before, you probably have an idea of all of the work involved in planning pre-wedding events.  It’s a totally expected responsibility and it’s also all worth it!

Contrary to what I thought before, it’s actually very possible to throw a bridal shower without breaking the bank and today I am going to share a few tips for throwing a fabulous #SignatureStyle shower.  I think its inevitable that one’s style and personality reflects through the gift they give, the card they pick out, or the party they host.  It’s also fun to be able to add a little personal touch to any gift given to a good friend.

Hallmark Signature  offers really cute (& stylish) greeting cards for every occasion to help you say what you need to say in style.  With wedding season coming up, I stocked up on some of the prettiest #SignatureStyle wedding cards I could find.  I personally love picking out a card that shows my personality and taste because you never know… that special person may keep things like that forever (or maybe that is just me!). Plus, it’s nice to look back and see the thoughtful notes people gave you.
Now, lets move on to the bridal shower money saving tips!
1. It is important to decide on a few key decorations that will make a big difference in the room. If you’re not trying to spend a ton of money, you have to pick and choose.  For me, I knew I had to have gold ‘Bride’ balloons.  These helped brighten up a large room and make a quick and easy change for where the bride-to-be would be opening up presents.  Plus, I was able to re-use these same balloons for the Bachelorette Weekend.

2. While photos are inexpensive, they truly are the most valuable decorations you can have.  Pictures are memories of time incapsulated and nothing can beat a good memory with your favorite people in your life.  I made sure to stalk the bride-to-be’s Facebook albums back to when she first met her fiancé and printed out a ton of photos to string around the house.  Twine, 4” x 6” white cardstock, and old photos are the recipe for the best decoration you can add to a wedding event. The bride-to-be loved being able to keep these after the party too!
3. Don’t forget about the decor you already have around your house! If you’re anything like me, you may have quite the assortment of Homegoods finds in your home such as faux flowers, ginger jars, vases, and more faux flowers.  For this shower, I took almost everything on my bar cart and my side tables at home and took them with me to decorate the bridal shower.  I sat vases and flowers on tables to serve as centerpieces for where all the guests would eat. It saved more money than I could imagine and it added a touch of signature style throughout the party.  When are pink and white flowers ever a bad idea?
4. Chalkboards are everything.  There are huge sections in craft stores these days devoted to chalkboards.  Chalkboard signs, chalkboard cups, chalkboard labels, chalkboard everything. It is such a simple and beautiful decoration that always looks charming! I found a chalkboard at Marshall’s for about $10, chalk pens at the craft store, a few little chalkboard miniature signs and it all added so much to the shower for not a lot of money at all.
5.  Host it at someone’s house rather than renting a venue.  I emailed countless venues to find a reasonable option and I wasn’t about to host it in my teensy apartment.  Renting a venue for a shower isn’t really all that bad but its the FOOD that makes it insane! Luckily, the bride’s mom was not too far from most of the attendees so I was more than thankful to be able to have the shower there.  If you’re in the same situation as I was, think about who all would be willing to open up their home… friends, bridesmaids, the parents, maybe even a clubhouse that doesn’t require you to use their food.

6. Split up the food responsibilities with a few others.  Food can be a lot of work so it will save a lot of time and money if you plan ahead who is going to contribute what towards the food.  You’ll want to make sure you cover all the food groups so have a few people be in charge of something totally different!7. Find some inexpensive games to play!  One of my favorite games I could find was Bride Bingo.  I created custom-made Bingo cards online with common gift descriptions in each box.  For example, I used towels, something that makes her laugh, something the groom would love, plates, etc.  It was something fun for the guests to play while they watched the bride open up gifts and it was absolutely free.

So, there are some of my tips for hosting a bridal shower thats both budget-friendly and full of #SignatureStyle.  The bridal shower ended up being a success and most importantly, the bride had the best time!

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10 thoughts on “7 Tips on Hosting a Bridal Shower On A Budget

  1. Truly, this is a wonderful list of money saving tips and tricks. Last year I had to host bridal shower for my cousin. But my home is quite small so I had to find an affordable venue and luckily I found most affordable DC venues on eventup.com.

  2. Very informative & helpful. Your list of tips are not only inspiring even easy to execute too. Like the 3 & 7th one tips mostly. Thanks for sharing these beautiful tips with us.

  3. I want to know more about the Bridal Bingo game. Please send me more info on how you did it. My daughter is getting married next June and we will need some fun ideas that haven't been repeated a million times!!

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Congrats to you and your daughter! I'm getting married next June as well on the 10th! If you want to leave your email address, I can email you the details of the game. If not, you basically just go online and look for a site where you can "create your own Bingo card", add in gift types such as "something that makes her laugh", "something she says the groom will like", "a towel", gift ideas like that/you can get creative and then print out 20 or so Bingo cards (all different orders). When the bride is opening up gifts, the attendees can be playing their Bingo game instead of just watching her open gifts (because that can sometimes last long/people get bored). Let me know if you have any more questions and feel free to email me at prettyinthepines@gmail.com.


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