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Full Apartment Tour Before We Move

I think the last time I gave an apartment tour, it was pretty much empty. Since we have less than 10 days in this current apartment, I wanted to film an updated tour that we can look back on years from now and remember our first apartment in New York City… it’s bittersweet and we’ve LOVED this apartment. We’re still staying in the same neighborhood, don’t worry, but this one specific apartment became available in our dream location (with all of the amenities that we don’t currently have) so we kinda last minute decided to make the switch since our lease ends later this month.

Anyways, WELCOME TO OUR APT. I hope you enjoy the video tour! I’ll be sure to link everything I can within this post.


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18 thoughts on “Full Apartment Tour Before We Move

  1. Your home is super cute. All of the links are great. 😀 The only thing that I wonder is where you got your portable dishwasher from? Have a great day! God bless.

      1. Hi Shelby I totally love your instagram, videos, style and so happy you share the links to everything – especially the portable dishwasher.I also live in a Pre-war with no dishwasher so if Misty doesn’t want it, I’ll surely take it off your hands – Cannot wait for videos about your new place!!

  2. Hi, just found you and enjoyed your videos. Frustrated though because I can’t find any information about the kitchen peel and stick flooring you used or the mouldings you applied with a removable doubled sided tape. Would love to know more about all those tools. Looking forward to seeing how all those things are removed and what’s left behind and how hard it is. Thanks!

    1. Same! I came here to look for the contact paper and flooring. I’m in love with the kitchen. It’s so so flawless!

    2. Hi Jacqueline! These are the floors that we used:

      For the moulding, we just bought 2 in. wide trim at a local lumber store! But if you wanted to buy online, these look very similar:

      If you want more detail about the wall moulding project, here is a blog post:

      Let me know if you have other questions!

  3. Such a lovely apartment and love your style! Do you have a link for the light bench in your bedroom? You had a curved mirror on top of it. Thanks!

  4. Your apartment is a pure bliss! Do you happen to have a link for your gray modular sofa in the living room? It’s so beautiful

  5. Thank you SO much for sharing all of these links! I am moving in a week and looking for some last minute items, this was SO helpful.

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