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Yesterday I shared a few kitchen accessories that I picked up recently but today I wanted to talk about kitchen gadgets! Kitchen gadgets that we own and love and a few that are on my radar (or currently on it’s way to me via Amazon Prime). Either way, these kitchen gadgets/items are all very highly rated and reviewed and I’m going to start with the ones that we personally own and use on a daily basis!

15 Piece Knife Block Set
We recently updated our knife set with this beautiful white and wood block set and I’m in love! The white knives look so good with all of the white in the kitchen and once I saw that these were 60% off, I had to have them! If you’re in the market for a new knife set, look no further than these! Such great quality and looks so great on the counters!

50s Retro Style Two-Slice Toaster
I purchased this toaster a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. It toasts everything to perfection and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get the 4 slice size. This toaster comes in a few different sizes and several colors to match any kitchen! Worth the splurge for sure!

Large Round Cutting Board
This should be called “Very, Very Large Round Cutting Board”. I’ve been eyeing this cutting board for the longest time. I finally went to see it in store and I’m glad I did because it is huge. I want to say it’s at least two feet wide but maybe I’m wrong. Either way, it is beautiful and would be the perfect cutting board or even cheese board for a larger group. 

Breville Nespresso Creatista Espresso Machine
I’ve been wanting to make the Keurig to Nespresso switch for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I have been doing a lot of research on some of the highest rated models and this one seemed to have some great reviews. For a while I was making lattes making a mess and using so many different things in our kitchen so this machine would simplify the entire process and make life a lot easier (and tastier). I’m also considering this model although there are some questionably reviews. 

OXO Vegetable Chopper
One of the things that keeps me from cooking so often is all of the prep work so I’m always looking into ways to save time with 1) cutting vegetables and 2) washing dishes (see the next item for what I recently ordered). This vegetable chopper would be the perfect way to help save some time when I’m making some of my favorite summer salads. 

Blade Brush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush
I think my least favorite chore around the house is washing dishes. I’ve found a few items that help get the job done but this is a little Amazon find I recently ordered and can’t wait to use. I never know what to do with our nicer knives and this little knife brush will make things much more simple.

Silicone Clip-on Snap Strainer/Colander
One of the foods I make most often is pasta. I feel like our pasta to strainer ratio is very disproportionate so I decided to order one of these clip-on strainers to add to our collection and help save space instead of getting an entire colander. 

KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender
I have been in the market for a new blender for a while now and after looking up some of the best ones, I think this one is the winner! It has amazing reviews and is a great price plus we’re entering smoothie season quickly with these 100 degree weeks!

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?!


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