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What’s In My Beach Bag

As I was going through photos from last week, it had me thinking of our beach day and how prepared we were for our unplanned day by the water. I had packed up a big straw backpack for our hike (that ended up being closed) and was prepared with everything including all the beach necessities. Our hike was supposed to end up at a small beach anyways but, since it was closed due to fire risks, we ended up finding a giant flat rock area and had a picnic by the water instead!

I felt super prepared with our beach bag packing situation so I wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I love to take with us to the beach in addition to snacks and drinks, of course!


My personal favorite beach towels are these striped Capri Fouta Beach Towels. They’re a little pricier than the average towel you’ll find but this towel ain’t average! It’s huge, soft, beautiful, and the best quality you’ll find! Plus, it comes in so many colors to choose from. I actually ordered a set of 4 and have been so pleased all summer long with them. Every single time we use them, we both mention something about how happy we are with them. They’ll hopefully last for a long, long time and be the only beach towels we need. 


Now that stores are beginning to stock all their fall arrivals, you’ll find a lot of great summer sandals on sale! The pair I’ve been wearing for the past month or so are these, which match practically everything I own! They’re really comfy and easy to get on and off quickly when you’re trying to not burn your feet on the hot sand.


I’ve talked about this stuff before but THIS is the best sunscreen for the face that I’ve ever used. It feels like pure silk when you rub it in and it rubs in so quickly and easily. It’s a clear-ish gel cream substance so you don’t have to worry about rubbing in until your face isn’t white. I highly recommend and never visit the beach without it! I brought it to the beach for July 4th this year and made my entire family try it – everyone was like “whoa”. 


This one is an obvious one but gave me an excuse to share a few of my favorite sunglasses currently! I took this pair on vacation with me and I loved how much chicness the pop of color adds to any outfit.


Another obvious but necessary item. I rarely go outside anymore without a hat. Personally, I have a family history of skin cancer, my skin is very fair, and I can’t afford to not protect my face. Plus, hats are just really cute and complete a look while helping prevent wrinkles!  I switched things up lately and have been wearing this straw visor but my other favorite is this woven seagrass fedora


People tend to forget about their lips when it comes to the sun! I’ll never forget a time when one of my sisters got a sun spot on her lip (sorry, Kylie) and it forever reminded me to not skip the lips! I absolutely LOVE this specific tinted lip balm with SPF (in the Bloom shimmer finish)! It has over 9k reviews on Sephora’s website if that tells you anything.


The white linen cover-up shirt I’m wearing in these photos was from a shop in St. Tropez but I rounded up a few of my other favorite cover-ups below. I love anything loose, linen and breathable when it comes to a cover-up. 


Nobody wants a headache after a day at the beach so I always remember to have water with me, even when I’m just at home and inside, but especially out in the sun. 


Getting to the beach and not having a scrunchie with you is the worst. I recently ordered a pack of these quick drying scrunchies to prevent that from ever happening again!

A few other items worth mentioning really quickly: a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker, a good book or magazine, and snacks! I personally love to get the “Simply” individual sized bags of chips

Hope you all are having a great week! It’s pouring rain all day today but much needed for all our plants so I’m not complaining! Here are a few more photos from the spot we found in Cassis, France!

PS If you’re interested in seeing what else I packed for France, you can find it all here

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