Earring Essentials


If I had to choose one place to go buy some everyday, simple but elegant, light-weight and budget-friendly earrings, I would choose Kohls… simply for the LC Lauren Conrad collection! I’ve always found some of my favorite earrings to be in her collection and although they aren’t made to last as long as fine jewelry, they are just what I need most of the time.  They are perfect to wear to work all day because they are gorgeous yet not going to pull your ear lobes down like some jewelry.  They are pretty light-weight making them comfortable to wear and beautiful.  You can almost ALWAYS find them on sale too.  I’ve linked up some of my favorites above!

Also, this past weekend I discovered a special kind of paint- chalk paint.  I will post a tutorial on using it later this week but I am truly obsessed with it now.  I want to paint everything in sight! Just kidding, but not really.  I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve done this past weekend with some old furniture.


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