My Nightly Routine

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I’ll be honest, my nightly “routine” isn’t always a routine. Some days I’ll come home from work and have 10 different things to do before I even consider getting ready for bed but, for the most part, I do have a few things that I do before I go to bed 99% of the time in order to prepare mentally and physically for the following day.

First things first… after I am done with work for the night, I start my evening by lighting my favorite candle to help get me in a relaxed state of mind. This time of year has the best candles. After that, I begin my nightly skincare regimen (which I’ll be sharing next week). Basically, I start with cleansing balm then move to cleanser and follow up with my favorite toner and moisturizer. Occasionally, if I’m in the mood for some extra pampering, I’ll follow up a face mask! I definitely dedicate a decent amount of time each night toward my skin. I’ve never had great skin so it takes some extra effort for me!

Lately, I’ve been on a raspberry sorbet kick for dessert so I’ll typically have a small bowl of that before starting my prep for the following day. If there is a good tv show on that night, I’ll watch 30 minutes or so of that. All of the good shows are about to start back up so we’ll see which ones I continue!

To help save major time in the morning, I’ll typically pack up my lunch the night before and plan my breakfast for the morning. Lately, I’ve been so busy each morning and night that I’ve been sticking to an easier breakfast choice. I’ve told you all before that I’m a fan of Quaker. I would always have a bowl of Quaker oatmeal in college after I quickly realized the dining hall breakfast buffet might not be the best option. Quaker recently launched their new Overnight Oats and I am loving the convenience of these individual single-serve containers. Each one contains 100% whole grain oats (+other grains) and have no artificial flavors or added colors! At night, I just add my dairy or non-dairy milk of choice – I like almond milk – to the container’s fill line and let it cold steep overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, I simply open the fridge and enjoy a cool and hearty breakfast option! Hassle to hustle, yall… one less thing to do in the morning!

After I prep for my breakfast and lunch, I usually spend some time reflecting on the day and what I have coming up the next day. I’ll make a quick list of 3-4 priorities for that following day in my notes on my phone to help me clear my mind. TJ and I always spend some time talking and reading before bed.

Thankfully, I fall asleep pretty quickly which is good because I usually need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to feel good the next day. That’s about it though for my nightly routine! These steps definitely help me prepare mentally and physically for the following day and I’m always trying to find tips on saving time each day so, if you have any suggestions of your own routine, let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “My Nightly Routine

  1. I need to be better about sticking to a nightly routine! My bed time and sleep have been so off lately and I think it’s because I don’t have a set routine. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo, Sara

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