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We Bought a House!

Last Thursday, TJ and I closed on our very first home and we couldn’t be more excited! We found this house back on October 28th, made an offer that same day, and then found out the sellers accepted our offer on the 29th of October. Needless to say, the entire month of November has felt longer than usual since nothing is really “official” until closing day. We spent all day on Friday painting the living room before the movers came on Saturday and then spent Sunday unpacking. We still have a lot of unpacking to do but are SO excited to finally have a place to call our home! We absolutely loved the apartment we lived in for a few years but it was time to get more space, a yard for Colbie, a garage, a driveway AH the list goes on! We’re so not used to this so if you can’t tell, I am really pumped!

I’m planning on doing some sort of house tour on a video asap but, for now, I’ll give y’all a little bit of details into why we chose our house and about the process Q&A-style!

  • When did you start looking for a house?  We looked online for months leading up to this one (I became obsessed with refreshing the realtor app every 30 minutes) but seriously looked in person for just a few weeks before. We originally thought we wanted to stay closer to where our apartment was (Cary/Raleigh) and then started noticing that our area was getting to be out of our budget unless we wanted a true fixer upper. It became very competitive with other buyers in Cary. We then moved our search out to Apex/Holly Springs and found houses that were more my style for better prices.
  • What were you looking for in a house (top priorities)?  I’d say my top priorities were 1) natural light and a lot of windows, 2) not in need of TOO much work but not too new either (I am very excited about fixing up some of the rooms), and 3) a safe neighborhood. TJ’s top priorities were: 1) a fenced-in yard for Colbie and 2) a good driveway for a basketball hoop.
  • What is your favorite part about the house?  It is hard to narrow down my favorite parts but I’d probably say that the living room is up there mainly because of the windows and natural light throughout the rest of the house. I also really love the area it is in (very close to a bunch of parks). TJ’s favorite parts are the porch, deck, and fire-pit.
  • Will you miss living closer to Raleigh?  It will for sure take some getting used to but, overall, we won’t miss being closer. It is only a 25 minute drive to where we were originally. I grew up in smaller towns than where we are now so I’m excited for a whole new community.
  • Do you have any projects planned?  y e s. I shared a photo of our corner in our living room on Instagram but a lot of the other rooms are fairly outdated. The two biggest projects will be the kitchen and the master bathroom. A lot of yard work in the backyard is up there too!If you all have any other questions, let me know!Thanks for reading!

    xo, Shelby

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4 thoughts on “We Bought a House!

  1. Yay! so excited for y’all! Though I love the little home where Stephen and I are now, I can’t wait until we purchase one that is officially ours! Can’t wait to keep up with the cutest house updates!

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