Best of 2017: TOP 5 Denim

This time of year I always tend to look back at the best moments of the year including favorite trips we’ve taken, biggest life events that occurred, and other favorite times. Since this blog is life and style focused site, I wanted to also take a moment and look back at some of the best items that were added to my closet. Specifically, denim. This year I learned to appreciate good denim and to stop wasting my money on denim that didn’t fit 100% perfectly. Splurging on a few pairs of well-made, but comfortable, denim that I could re-create multiple outfits with was key. Luckily, my work is jeans-friendly and I wear some of these (non-distressed) to my office on repeat. Scroll through to see which pairs of denim have lived up to my standards and also which pairs are next on my list to try for 2018!

Let’s do this music-video countdown style and start from the bottom.

PAIR #5: Levi’s 721 Skinny

These jeans (in medium AND dark) rank on my list of favorite denim but definitely not #1… mainly due to the dark shade’s comfort level. For some reason, the darker wash is not as stretchy as the medium wash but, otherwise, they’re a great pair! You’ve probably seen several style bloggers wear these this fall (in both medium AND dark) and for good reason… they are fairly affordable and under $100! You can always count on Levi’s for quality. I love having a good distressed pair for the weekends and these are perfect for that, especially the lighter wash because of their stretchiness. For sizing, these run true to size.

PAIR #4: Agolde Vintage Parker Denim

Although these are denim shorts and not pants, I had to include them on the list for 2017 best of denim. I love the high-waisted fit, the length (not overly short), and the color options! I wore these over and over again on my blog this past summer and fall and hope to see them continue to be available over the next year (or maybe even come out with more washes). I honestly wore mine every single weekend with a t-shirt and sometimes even dressed them up with a blazer. For sizing, I would order one size smaller than your usual size.

PAIR #3: Mott and Bow High Rise Skinny

Mott and Bow became one of my favorite brands late last year and continuously impresses me with their comfort and styles. There is something about this fit that makes you feel like your legs are skinny, strong, and a mile long. Plus, these are the epitome of comfort with their stretchiness. I have a dark wash pair and now a black pair as well. I’m just waiting until they come out with a white pair! Hopefully next year. For sizing, these run true to size.

PAIR #2: Topshop MOTO Raw Hem Straight Leg

One of my most worn pairs of denim of the year are these Topshop Raw Hem Straight Leg jeans. They used to have these in stock at Nordstrom but now it seems you can only find multiple sizes directly through Topshop. These are a very high-waisted, not as stretchy, but extremely flattering pair of jeans. I’ll post some photos below of my wearing them but I’ve worn these so many times that I’m considering buying a second pair in a darker wash!

PAIR #1: Levi’s Mile High Skinny Jeans

Just the name of these jeans alone makes me love them. For the longest time, I’ve been a fan of anything high-waisted because of how slimming the fit is and these jeans made it to my #1 spot this year because of that. I originally ordered only the dark wash but, since then, I ordered the medium wash as well and they’re just as impressive! I love that these jeans are also under $100, come in a variety of colors, and are true “skinny” towards the bottom (no bulkiness or extra fabric). They also have the perfect amount of stretch keeping their shape but also being comfortable for long periods of time. Taking the price tag, comfort, style, and quality all into consideration, this pair gets the gold medal for 2017! For sizing, these run true to size.

I would love to know if you all have tried any of these or if you have any other denim brands you absolutely love!

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend before Christmas!

xo, Shelby


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    1. Ah, they are SO comfortable! Definitely some of my favorites! You’ll love them and you can even try them out first I think!

      xo, Shelby

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