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Neutral Guest Bedroom Inspo

One of the rooms (pretty high) on our to-fix up list is the guest bedroom. We plan to rip out the carpet, replace with flooring, paint the walls, and make it a welcoming and peaceful space for family to visit. The tricky part is that we plan to have this all complete by the beginning of December when my mother-in-law comes to town. I’ve been trying to figure out an overall theme or color scheme at least and haven’t quite been able to settle on one yet. I usually love neutrals with pops of color, especially colors that you can switch up every so often. I also love the idea of an all neutral room though because you can’t really go wrong with it and the pieces would probably be more practical and classic. I did come across a teal bed though and had a tough time not going in that direction but we’ll see what happens!

To help visualize my neutral guest bedroom ideas, I put together a mood board below (clickable to shop) to get a better idea of how everything could tie in together.


One of my favorite go-to sites for furniture and decor is Joss & Main so you’ll see some of my finds below. The main pieces of furniture I’m looking at are this tufted upholstered panel bed, this 9 drawer chest, and some white nightstands. I love the idea of chunky knit throws and pillows as we approach the cooler seasons and you just can’t go wrong with this rug.  I also brought in some greenery for a tiny bit of color but kept things really simple and minimal with this round accent mirror, a white table lamp, and this set of white baskets. I’ll keep you updated on IG on what we decide to do!

Are you more into neutrals, colors, or a bit of both?


</tr><table><!– –><tr><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Upholstered Panel Bed” /><br/><!– –>This Bed</a>// <!– –><a href=”″>More Beds</a></td><!– –><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Dressers & Chests” /><br/><!– –>This Chest</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Dressers & Chests</a></td><!– –></tr><!– –><tr><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”End Tables” /><br/><!– –>This End Table</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More End Tables</a><!– –></td><!– –><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Throw Blankets” /><br/><!– –>This Throw Blanket</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Throw Blankets</a><!– –></td><!– –></tr><!– –><tr><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Throw Pillows” /><br/><!– –>This Pillow</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Pillows</a><!– –></td><!– –><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Area Rugs” /><br/><!– –>This Rug</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Area Rugs</a><!– –></td><!– –></tr><!– –><tr><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Wreaths” /><br/><!– –>This Wreath</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Wreaths</a><!– –></td><!– –><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Wall Mirrors” /><br/><!– –>This Mirror</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Wall Mirrors</a><!– –></td><!– –></tr><!– –><tr><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Table Lamps” /><br/><!– –>This Table Lamp</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Table Lamps</a><!– –></td><!– –><td><!– –><a href=””><!– –><img src=”” alt=”Basket Sets” /><br/><!– –>This Basket Set</a>//<!– –><a href=”″>More Baskets, Bins & Boxes</a><!– –></td><!– –></tr><!– –></table>
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One thought on “Neutral Guest Bedroom Inspo

  1. I love neutrals, but I really like pops of color that can be switched with the seasons! The mood board looks so cozy though!

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