A Week of Outfits 2.12.21

Most of these outfits have been on heavy rotation for the last few months. For example, this ribbed hoodie and jogger set is pretty much a weekly ‘fit year-round. Over the last year, I have really started to be much more intentional with my clothing purchases. Living in NYC, we don’t have walk-in closets or endless space, so if I’m going to buy something, it better be really good. If it’s not something I see myself re-wearing over and over again, I probably won’t buy it. And if you see my outfits on the app where I usually post daily, you’ll see that I basically wear a lot of the same pieces but mix and match them different ways. So, I thought I’d share a week of outfits featuring pieces I’ve been loving lately…

Outfit 1 Details

Outfit 2 Details

Outfit 3 Details

Skyline Sweatshirt (as seen on Instagram)

Outfit 4 Details

Outfit 5 Details

Outfit 6 Details

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