Dining Room Makeover

As soon as you walk into our apartment, you’re greeted by our “dining room” which probably isn’t supposed to technically be a dining room but, since the first day we walked in, I couldn’t stop envisioning our round dining table right in the center of it. It almost seemed to good to be true that all of our furniture fit perfectly in it so I decided that we’d start with this space. I filmed a full video of the makeover here and I’ll be sure to link as much as I can within this post!

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15 thoughts on “Dining Room Makeover

  1. Beautiful space! Thanks for posting all of your clever diys! Just curious… where did you get your coat rack? I’ve been looking for one just like it. ☺️

  2. Amazing job with the millwork! I have a few questions, where do you go to get your lumber and what do you look for? And then how do you decide how to space/size your boxes apart etc, is there a guide for this idea? Having a hard time figuring that part out!

    1. So I typically go to a local lumber store (not sure if you’re in NYC but we go to Mike’s Lumber!) but Home Depot or anywhere should have trim like this. I usually look for 1.5-2 in wide trim with 2-3 “ridges” – I’m not sure how else to describe them other than ridges or humps. BUT hopefully you understand. There are SO many to choose from but I like to keep it within that size!

      1. And I don’t really use a guide or anything for how to space other than just going with what looks good when I’m mapping it all out with painters tape!

  3. You are by far my favorite person on internet!! Your apartment looks amazing❤️ I recently moved and want to do some of the decorations that you have in your apartment!! Hope you don’t mind 😊

  4. I recently discovered you through YouTube and am absolutely in love with how you style your home – It’s so elegant yet cozy, modern yet timeless! Can I ask how you would describe your home decor style (or styles of furniture etc you gravitate towards)? I’m furnishing my home right now and having a tough time describing my own preferred style or thinking of keywords to filter through the endless options online.

    1. The light itself is holding it up without it needing any adhesive or anything! But I’m sure you could use some double sided tape to help secure it a little bit more!

  5. Wow, I just love the way you decorate. So creative and thank you for showing how to do the moulding on the walls – I found it so inspiring.

  6. Love all you interior spaces. So beautiful and classic. What size medallion did you use on the ceiling? Did you chose the light specifically for the round table? Would it work for other shapes? Thank you.

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