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Amazon Kindle

TJ used to be a big "physical" book guy - he had to hold it in his hands in order to read. But once he got this kindle and saw how convenient it was to keep all his books there, he fell in love. He is also able to read at night without a light, which makes me happy.

Acrylic Paint Set

Painting was one of the things I picked up during the pandemic and try to do as often as I can because it's the one thing that completely clears my mind. This starter kit is a great place to start for anyone looking to learn.

Start to Cook Cookbook

Since having Brooks, I have definitely tried to learn to cook more for him (and us). I was always intimidated by the kitchen, but this cookbook makes it so easy to put delicious, nutritious, and fun meals on the table.

My Botanical Press

Another hobby that would be fun to learn!

Kids Cooking Set

Brooks is a bit young for this one but this would be a fun way for toddlers to learn more about cooking. I plan on getting in there with him as soon as he is able to hold a spatula. I can't WAIT to make memories with him and learn together along the way.

Kids Cash Register

This is another kids item to promote learning and creativity, especially counting. Using their imagination to create scenarios is great for their brain and development and we want to nurture that as much as possible.

Baby Push Along Toy

We probably should have tried something like this toy for Brooks a few weeks ago before he started walking on his own, but this push along toy really gives kids confidence in going from crawling to standing to walking.

Balance Bike

This is under our tree right now! Even though he is walking, Brooks still needs to work on his balance as he can only go 7-8 steps without plopping on his booty. The balance bike will help gain a better center of gravity and improve his equilibrium.

Paint-By-Numbers: Botanicals

What more peaceful way to paint than beautiful flowers? I plan to use this book to begin to get rough shapes and sizes of certain flowers and eventually transition to doing them freehand. But you have to start somewhere and this is a great option to do that.

Simply Genius Cookbok

This is another cookbook that takes incredible recipes with great ingredients and makes them attainable for the beginner.

Punch Needle Beginner Kit

Another fun hobby to learn. We were just at my grandma's house a few weeks ago and she brought out little crocheted houses that her mother made for Brooks to play with... her mom! He was almost certainly playing with 80-year-old houses. It inspired me and I think this would be a fun beginner kit.
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