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Personalized Cutting Board

For a heartwarming gift, customize a cutting board with a favorite family recipe that can be personalized and comes in maple, walnut, or cherry wood options.

Custom Dog Sweatshirt

Does it get any better than your dog's face illustrated onto a comfy crewneck sweatshirt in a chic minimalist design? No. No, it does not. Just make sure you order anything customized early!

Cozy Slippers

If you're wanting to gift a fresh pair of slippers, look no further than these cozy ones under $20... yes, under $20. They have memory gel foam, are flannel lined, and provide great support for casual or all-day wearing indoors all at such a great price-point so you can pair it with a special something else like a framed photo in a mini antique-inspired frame (see below). If you're wanting to splurge on some slippers, these Ugg ones are my long-time favorite.

Caraway Cookware Set

For anyone who loves spending time trying new recipes or just finds themselves in the kitchen daily... any pieces of this set woud make a really great gift. We use our set all day, everyday and it also gives me peace of mind knowing I'm not cooking with cookware that could leak chemicals. They're our favorite cookware we've tried by far and this set comes with 4 pieces with lids and a storage rack but you could also buy the pieces separately.

Kimono Pajama Set

This has been my MOST worn pajama set this year and I have yet to find a comfier pair. For the new mom or really ANY woman in your life... these pajamas are superior! They come in 3 candy stripe colors - red, fog, and fern. They are a kimono style and are as comfy as pajamas get. Anything from Lake Pajamas would really make such a great gift and they're having really great Cyber Week sales.

Fuzzy Socks

Simple, practical, but always, always appreciated gift or stocking stuffer idea... a pair of cozy socks.

Shearling Clogs

Birkenstock has always been peak comfort but they are also having a major fashion moment. I wear these daily, honestly year-round, especially to take Pearl out quickly without having to go full-on shoe/sock mode. These would make such a great gift for anyone on your list (men or women).

Baby Pajamas

I've already mentioned this pajama brand once on this list but I had to add in their little baby sets! I finally ended up ordering a pair for Brooks and, if they are anything like mine (which they will be), he is in for a pajama treat. Again, anything from this brand would make a great gift for anyone on your list, especially in-laws, parents, grandparents because they are honestly very luxurious and not very cheap... something anyone would be thrilled to have but maybe not splurge on themselves for.

Mini Picture Frames

For the person who already has everything and just wants to feel loved... simply print out your favorite photo you know they'll love and add it into one of these picture frames that look like you stumbled upon them in an antique store. You could even make them into tiny magnets or ornaments. They'll LOVE them.

Dinner in One Cookbook

On my own wishlist is this cookbook that I'm hoping will help save me some time while inspiring me to find meals my family loves without dirtying 18 dishes every night. I love the idea of gifting a cookbook because you know they'll have space for it, find inspiration, and you could even pair it with a small kitchen utensil or oven mitt.

Antique Candle Holders

For the vintage loving homebody... I'm a firm believer that you can never own too many candle holders, especially if they are antique. If someone spent time searching for an antique pair as a gift, that would be SUCH a thoughtful useful gift in my opinion. Add some flameless candles or real tapered candles and that's a simple, thoughtful, great gift right there.

Bose Headphones

I think it's impossible for me to make a gift guide and not include these headphones. I have a few different pairs of headphones around the apartment and these are my favorite in terms of value/quality in my opinion. They're also the most comfortable ones I've tried and are so great to have whether you're at home cleaning/working or flying somewhere.

Ear Muffs

A simple, chic, affordable, and practical gift. I think I'm about to enter my ear muff era... I love a beanie but, as a girl with bangs, ear muffs seem to be the way to go and I'm really excited to put these to use. If you follow @prettyinthepines in the LTK app, you'll see a few options I love!

Wool Scarf

My most worn scarves ALWAYS come from the men's section of J. Crew. This one is the highest quality and has the most beautiful timeless shades of brown that pair well with almost any outfit all throughout the coldest months. Plus, you can share with your mans! Or not.
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