Snow Days in NYC

Life in NYC

This has been an extra snowy winter here in New York which, honestly, I don’t mind! If it’s already going to be freezing and I’m going to be inside a lot, it might as well snow a little, ya know? I thought I’d share a...

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My First Fashion Week


I had been thinking about going to NYFW for a few years now but it wasn’t until this year that my schedule really allowed me the flexibility to do so. While it was a complete whirlwind, I had the best time with the best people,...

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Our Day in NYC


Last week I shared a few of my favorite things I packed for New York but I didn’t share all the details about where we ate/what we did. Incase you don’t follow along on Instagram, I posted an IGTV video sharing our full 24 hours...

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5 Packing Essentials for NYC

In My Suitcase

After spending the majority of last week in New York City, I had to share a few items that I packed that I probably would have been lost without. I wouldn’t call myself a city girl at all (quite the opposite, actually) but with a...

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