26 Ways to Have a Great Day

Last spring, TJ and I went to an outdoor concert in Raleigh with a couple of our friends and it was a sunny, warm, but beautiful day! As it got closer to dinner time, I remember looking around to see if there were any trucks selling food and my eyes were immediately drawn to this old, vintage, Ford truck that was painted in the most beautiful teal/blue shade. If the cute truck wasn’t calling my name, it was the fact that it sold ice cream and there wasn’t a better spring treat! We walked over to order some ice-cream and were amazed by how delicious it was. That was when I learned about Two Roosters Ice Cream, a local ice cream company run by a couple who lives in Raleigh.

Not only did I find a new favorite ice cream company that day but I also remember feeling so great after supporting a local small business like Two Roosters Ice Cream. I love hearing about people starting businesses they’re passionate about and I love supporting them even more. Supporting others is really one of the best ways to have a great day and today as I turn 26 years old, I’m sharing 26 ways to have a GREAT DAY!

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26 Ways to Have a Great Day

1.Wake up earlier.
    Ever notice how much more positive of a day you have when you’re more productive? Set your alarm for a couple hours earlier and start the day off on the right foot!

2. Ask a friend out for lunch.
Workdays don’t have to be all work. Invite a friend out for a quick lunch-date and you’ll be heading back to work with a smile on your face.

3. Support a local small business.
Instead of heading to a national chain, why not support the family-run business down the street? Putting your money towards your community will change your whole outlook on the day!

4. Make time to take a walk!
When I don’t have motivation time to make it to the gym after work, I can always count on a simple walk outside to boost my mood and get my blood flowing. 

5. Take a break from the computer/social media!
I love social media but there is definitely a limit. Spending a day off social media can make a huge difference in your day and my favorite days have never been spent on my phone or computer.

6. Have a glass of wine and make a bubble bath!
I mean, no description necessary.

7. Call your mom, dad, or another family member.
Family is important and you’ll be making their day by giving them a call.

8. Send a handwritten note to a friend.
Is it just me or do you also get really excited to check the mail each day? Opening up a surprise note from a friend might be their highlight of the day!

9. Look up a recipe on Pinterest and try it out!
Cook a meal for you and a significant other and you’ll feel like you not only improved your cooking skills but also eased someone else’s day.

10. Try out a new work-out class by yourself.
I love the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone and learning something new. Sign up for a new fitness class and you’ll be leaving with endorphins flowing and a new confidence you didn’t have before. 

11. Light a cozy candle and grab your blanket!
There are few better ways I like to spend my evenings than with a new fall candle and my favorite cable-knit blanket. 

12. Compliment everyone.
Pay attention to every person you speak to throughout the day and compliment them on something you notice. You could be making a big difference in their day even with a few words!

13. Start the day off being grateful.
Think about what you are thankful for at the very beginning of the day and you’ll complain far less throughout the day and improve your day tremendously. 

14. Surprise your significant other with a chore you typically don’t do.
Unload the dishwasher before they get home or finish their laundry to see a smile on their face. 

15. Do one thing that scares you but will help you reach your goals.
The answer will always be no if you don’t ask and you’ll never change if you don’t make changes.

16. Eat your favorite breakfast.
There is no better start to the day than with a big, healthy (or not?) breakfast sandwich, bagel, or hey, even a donut.

17. Sit next to someone who is sitting alone.
At conferences or meetings, I always like to sit next to the one who looks like they don’t know anyone. You might even leave with a
new friend!

18. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert!
Ice cream anyone?

19. Read a chapter of a new book.
Whether it is right before bed or on your lunch break, give your brain a rest and take a moment for yourself to read that book you’ve
been hearing so many great things about.

20. Listen to a new playlist while you work and discover new songs.
My #1 favorite playlist to listen to is my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. It gives me new songs it thinks I’ll love and there is nothing better than finding a new favorite song you’ve never heard. 

21. Live in the moment.
Do not worry about the future and don’t dwell on the past. You have this day to make yours and don’t waste time on things you can’t change. 

22. Clear some time in your schedule.
Cancel those plans you wish you didn’t make and save those extra hours for doing something you love. 

23. Prepare for the day the night before.
Plan your outfit, prep for work, pack your lunch. Preparing early will save you time during the day and keep you from being stressed!

24. Listen to some good music on the way to work.
Get pumped up for the day on your morning commute and listen to whatever your heart desires- Salt Shaker? (personal fave to start the day off), Beyonce? George Strait? You’re alone in the car so choose wisely!

25. Pay for someone else’s lunch.
Paying for something for a stranger will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

26. Care less about things that don’t matter.
Are you having a bad hair day? Nobody cares. Keep yourself in check and make sure you’re not wasting any thoughts on silly things. 

Hope these tips help you have a great day! Special thanks to Two Roosters Ice Cream for being the coolest and letting us take photos of your business! If you’re in the Raleigh area, check out their calendar to see where they’ll be around the Triangle! Their blackberry hibiscus flavor is what dreams are made of!

XO, Shelby

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23 thoughts on “26 Ways to Have a Great Day

  1. I really need to follow a few of these! Disconnecting is always a challenge, but #26 is probably my favorite. Love that adorable ice cream truck, too! Can they come to my town? 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I’m thinking year 26 is going to be one for the books ;). Also, I truly loved this post, and need to make time for all of these things!

    xx, @stylesouffle

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