A Dress for Summer Nights

The day before we left for St. Lucia, I made a quick trip to the mall to see if I could find a beachy, floral maxi dress that I could wear to one of the restaurants at the resort. I came across this $85 flutter sleeve one, tried it on, and then packed it in my suitcase later that night.  Every detail of it was so beautiful and perfect for summer… the flowy lightweight material, the soft floral print and coloring, the slit in the front, the big sleeves, oh.. and the price of course. I ended up wearing this dress two separate nights… once to dinner and another night when we took a sunset cruise. I was like “I’ll just wear this dress two nights in a row… nobody will see” and little did I know that we’d be seeing all of the same people each night since there were only a few restaurants at the resort. Anyways, I paired it with this woven clutch I found the same night I bought the dress… how perfect is it for pretty much any summer outfit!? It comes in a few colors too but I felt like this natural color would get the most wear.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! Mine was a little rocky to start but hopefully today will be better! I think TJ had food poisoning yesterday but I ended up taking the day off of work to nurse him back to health. Let’s hope that is over! I’m also considering trying out a yoga studio around here so if anybody goes to one that they love, let me know!

xo, Shelby

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