The Must-Have Denim Jacket

Lately, I’ve been in a big “less is more” mindset. Cleaning out my closet the other day made me realize that I probably regularly wear about 10-20% of what is actually in there. Why? Because a lot of it is a) really poor quality and hasn’t held up well, b) not a “perfect fit”, and c) is a dress or something impractical I can wear to very few places. A lot of it I just don’t feel confident in so I just keep wearing the few pieces that DO make me feel confident and are higher quality which brings me to today’s topic: the most perfect denim jacket ever! I have grown to really love Madewell clothing. Everything they make fits that criteria of having great quality, being versatile for multiple outfits, and are pieces I feel confident in! I’ve had trouble finding a denim jacket that fit perfectly, was the perfect shade of blue, and was priced reasonably until I found THIS one! I just love it. I purchased a small for size reference. I can’t wait to layer it over dresses for the rest of summer and fall!

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