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10+ Ways to Wear Leggings

This time last year I was driving to an office everyday and my wardrobe looked very different than it does these days. Over the last year, I’ve learned that I love dressing as comfortably as possible since I no longer have an office dress-code to follow but that doesn’t mean I can just wear my pajamas all day. I’ve noticed that I am most productive when I feel my best… when I take the time to put a little bit of makeup on, do my hair (somewhat), and wear as close to a normal outfit as possible. I’ve also noticed that I basically wear leggings every. single. day. Especially now that colder weather is coming, I’ve been on a mission to be better about putting together outfits that make me feel both comfortable and confident so that I can focus on my work but also feel good about going out to run errands, seeing people throughout the workday if needed, and just feel my best. 

Below you’ll find 12 different outfit ideas using the same black leggings ranging from more dressy to sporty and casual. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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