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Cyber Sales & a Stress-Free Holiday Guide


*will continue to be updated all week*


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Serena & Lily never has sales this big and these are high-quality timeless pieces you’ll have for years. Some of my favorite items we have from here are: rattan beach chairs, white pendant above our sink, beach towels, large knit baskets (great for under our coffee table or open bathroom vanity).

WEST ELM || up to 30% off (buy more, save more)

WILLIAMS SONOMA || DAILY DEALS including up to 50% off Nespresso machines

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119 thoughts on “Cyber Sales & a Stress-Free Holiday Guide

  1. I am so impressed every year with your holiday posts. You really take the time to curate amazing gifts that people actually will want/use and it shows. I love that you choose to do a magazine style post; it makes it so fun and interactive. Love all your posts and will definitely be purchasing some items through your links 🙂

    1. Favorite Christmas Tradition: Watching all the Hallmark Christmas Movies while drinking hot chocolate! Love all of the gift guides this year! So helpful!

      1. Such a great Cyber Sale list! I would say my favorite Christmas tradition is making my grandmothers rolls with my mom, dad, my siblings and my son. We roll them into buns together at the kitchen table and I always enjoy that small moment with everyone each year! I also love shopping with my mom and mother in law for Christmas decorations and of course making the house all cozy! Love your blog and thanks for all you do!

    2. FaVoRiTe ChRiStMaS TrADiTiOn: ******Baking my grams infamous holiday cookies, bagging them all cute and walking around passing the cookies out to our neighbors on Christmas Eve (while a little tipsy on some Baileys and hot Coco of course) ????

    3. Favorite Christmas movie: THE GRINCH !

      Favorite Christmas tradition: Christmas Eve dinner and matching PJ sets!

  2. Every year my husband and I cut down a Christmas tree together, come hope and pop popcorn to make garland and watch Christmas vacation, it’s my all time favorite holiday tradition to spend quality time with him.

  3. My sister and I watch Holiday in Handcuffs every year to get in the Christmas spirit! It is a fairly terrible abc family original with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez!

  4. I love all of your holiday decorations! so beautiful. my favorite christmas tradition is baking breakfast with my family and drinking hot chocolate and opening presents together while our sticky buns bake! then time to enjoy!

  5. I love watching Home Alone and A Christmas Story! Every year I make a gingerbread house and try out different candy decor ideas—combines my love of baking and interior design! Fantastic holiday guide this year!!

  6. I’m obsessed with everything you make, post, wear, etc… my favorite holiday tradition is driving around looking at the beautiful christmas lights locally with my girls. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂


  8. My favorite Christmas tradition is making the big ginger cookies each year with the family and delivering them to neighbors and friends!

  9. My favorite Christmas tradition: Every year I watch this old Christmas movie with my dad called The Gathering (so good I’m surprised it’s not more popular). He and his mom watched this movie several years together before she died. I never got to meet her, so every year we watch and it’s a special time for my dad to remember her!

  10. First of all, I so enjoy your content!! I look forward to your posts. Our favorite tradition is snuggling up together to watch Christmas Vacation. We laugh at the same lines every year and recite our favorite parts!!!

  11. Love your gift guides and sale round ups! This time of year can be overwhelming, but I love watching A Christmas Story with my whole family. Such a classic.

  12. I’m new to your blog/IG and love them!
    My favorite holiday tradition is going to my aunt’s house Christmas Eve for dinner (Yorkshire Pudding and Roast, my favorite!) and then opening presents, watching Christmas movies, and just chatting and catching up with the family.
    Favorite holiday movie would have to be Love, Actually ♥️

  13. My family tradition is baking cookies with the kids for Santa. My favorite holiday movie is Miracle on 34th street an oldie but a goodie!

  14. Love your guides!! My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the theaters Christmas night with my boyfriend! There’s always a really good movie playing and We listen to Christmas music while driving and everyone is always dressed up in their new Christmas clothes and it just makes for the best ending to Christmas Day

  15. My family is Orthodox so we celebrate Christmas in January. However, they live on the opposite side of the world so I unfortunately don’t get to spend time with them during the holidays. My partner has been incredible the past three years we’ve been together and celebrates with me as we Facetime my family back home. Definitely has become a sort of ‘new’ tradition of ours but incredibly thoughtful and one I cherish. ????

  16. Your gift guide is beautiful! So much great and helpful content in there – thank you!
    Favorite holiday tradition: Even though my siblings and I are “grown ups” my Dad still reads us Twas the Night Before Christmas whenever we all get together. He would always read it to us on Christmas Eve when we were little. It makes me remember that magic spark I always felt as a kid on Christmas.

  17. My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with family for Christmas dinner and getting to spend time with loved ones around the holidays!

  18. Absolutely love your guides! The magazine style just makes it very tidy and exciting!
    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the theaters Christmas night with my boyfriend. There’s always a good movie and we listen to Christmas music while driving. Everyone’s always dressed up in their new Christmas clothes and it’s just the best ending to Christmas Day.

  19. My favorite Christmas tradition is making my great-grandma’s tori-color cookies with my dad. No matter how close to Christmas I arrive at my parent’s house, my dad always waits for me to get there to make them. We still use my great-grandma’s handwritten recipe and her original kitchen tools so it’s a really special time for both of us and a great opportunity to reminisce and get ready for Christmas. Thank you for your holiday guide!

  20. Favorite Christmas movies: the family man and the grinch ❤️

    Favorite holiday tradition: baking my mom and my sister on Christmas Eve with Christmas movies in the background ????????

  21. Hey Shelby! Love your posts always . My favorite holiday tradition is the night before. We make hot chocolate and cookies, cozy up by the fire and watch Polar Express. I think it’s the perfect Christmas Eve movie. Hope your holidays are filled with happiness!

  22. Hi shelby! Thanks for all the recs! My favorite holiday tradition is heading to my parents on Christmas Eve, watching all the old Christmas movies (my favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life) and exchanging presents before the craziness of the big Christmas Day festivities. I love the slow, relaxing, thankful side of Christmas.

  23. My favorite Christmas Tradition is decorating the house, putting up our tree and then snuggling on the couch with my husband and our three fur babies, drinking hot cocoa and popcorn. ????♥️✨

  24. I love the tradition of picking out our Christmas tree and decorating! We did that today and it officially feels like Christmas ????

  25. Our family’s traditions include making monkey bread on Christmas Eve for breakfast the next morning and reading The Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

  26. My favorite Christmas Tradition is our gingerbread house contest that my siblings and I all do on Christmas Eve☺️

  27. Growing up, we didn’t have any Christmas traditions as my family wasn’t too big on it. Now, with my own family, I’ve been letting the kids choose an ornament each year. Myself included, I want to add an ornament that has some meaning to our tree.

  28. Love and appreciate the detail and work you put into your guides!!! My ultimate favorite family tradition is putting up the Xmas tree as a family. We have a fake tree so we all put the branches up and make it look nice and full, while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. Truly makes my heart so happy!!

  29. This collection of deals is perfect!! Thank you! My favorite holiday tradition would have to be the thrill of gift giving. I love searching all over the interwebs trying to find the perfect gift that will make my loved ones feel appreciated and understood. And cookies. Can’t forgot about holiday cookies! ☺️

  30. My fave Christmas movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas, because it’s amazing and also a Halloween movie. Truly a two for one where you don’t sacrifice anything.

  31. Favorite holiday tradition is celebrating Saint Nicholas in early December and setting our shoes out by the fireplace for him to fill with presents and candy! My grandparents are Dutch and brought this family tradition with them from Holland.

  32. My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating Saint Nicholas in early December by setting our shoes out by the fireplace for him to fill with presents and treats. My grandparents are Dutch and brought this family tradition with them from Holland.

  33. First of all thank you so much for making this blog post! It helped find the sales so much faster and easier!

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my mom! And my favorite Christmas movie is either Last Holiday or Eloise at Christmas Time!

  34. Shelby, this was seriously the best gift guide. I used the “ for those who wander” the most. Thank you???? my favorite Christmas tradition is watching the polar express with my family and doing a hot chocolate bar and homemade cookies from my mom.

  35. My favorite tradition is going around the neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. Perfect family activity!

  36. Favorite Christmas tradition: Candle light service at our church! Favorite Christmas movie: Four Christmas’s my husband and I watch it year around actually. 🙂

  37. My favorite Christmas tradition is drinking wassail and eating freshly baked cookies in front of the fire with our family.

  38. My favorite holiday tradition is watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with my husband on Christmas Eve night! This gift guide is great and I love that little vacuum!

  39. My favorite holiday tradition is the smorgasbord my mom puts together every Christmas Eve with dishes honoring our Scandinavian heritage!

  40. Without a doubt, my favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve church service followed by a non-traditional Christmas meal of lasagna. Then everyone gets comfy (dogs included!) and settled in to watch Christmas Vacation!

    Merry Christmas!

  41. Love your Christmas guide! My favorite holiday tradition is being with my loved ones and playing games with friends and family like bingo, charades, cards!

  42. My favorite holiday tradition is one started in my family by my 83 year old mother. She buys Happy Birthday Balloons, we go outside on Christmas Day and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. We then release the balloons. My nieces love this and hopefully will carry on this tradition. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  43. This is our first Married Christmas! We got married in October of this year so we look forward to starting new family traditions. We look forward to watch all of the grinches together while we decorate. We also love Christmas family vacation movie!!!

  44. We always give back to a charity or people who are having a tough time. We will make goodies and care packages for the traumatic brain injury patients at our local hospital. We volunteer at the TBI a home and play games, watch elf, and give back to others every way we can.

  45. My favorite Christmas movie is elf! And my favorite tradition is organizing the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve(because I’m the only one that is good at it) then knowing where everyone’s presents are and playing Santa on Christmas morning to pass them out!

  46. This round up is amazing!!! Thank you for this! Also, my absolute favorite Christmas tradition is watching White Christmas with my dad. It was his mom’s favorite movie, so we are sure to watch it in her memory. Never gets old ❤️

  47. Favorite part of Christmas is definitely getting the Christmas tree with family (which were on our way to do right now!) and favorite holiday movie is The Holiday ???? ps absolutely love all of your year round posts, but especially during the holidays

  48. My favorite Christmas tradition is a family one we’ve done our whole lives – we all sit on the staircase and take a family picture Christmas morning, still in our PJs, before we open presents. We’ve done it every year since we were kids, and now there are husbands/wives in the group and babies on the way! It’s special to have that photo from every Christmas morning.

  49. So many favorites, so hard to choose one!

    Thanksgiving: After everyone sits at the table, we go around saying one thing that happened over the year that made an impact & why we are thankful for it.

    Christmas: Living 3,000 miles away from home, my favorite tradition is arriving and seeing the matching Christmas pajamas all of my family wears on Christmas Day

  50. My favorite holiday tradition is watching It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas while decorating the house and baking Christmas cookies.

  51. My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around to see Christmas lights after Christmas Eve dinner before we go to the midnight service at church.

  52. My favorite holiday tradition is to play cards with the family after lunch/dinner. Our go-to games are Up & Down the River and 3 Coins in a Fountain. Over the years we’ve put our own twists and rules to the games, and we never go without jokes tossed around and a ton of laughs! ♥️

  53. My favorite Christmas tradition is celebrating “noche buena” with my big crazy Cuban family! It’s a big celebration meal and party we have on Christmas Eve. My grandfather when he was alive would roast a pig and my grandma would make rice and beans etc.. it is so delicious!! It was always so fun to hang with my cousins during that time too!

  54. My favorite tradition is hanging out with family (I have A LOT of cousins) and heading out to see all the Chris lights.

  55. My fiancé and I (getting married on leap day!!) just bought a new house and your blog has been so inspiring!! As you always say, it’s a slow process (SO SLOW) but things are starting to come together and feel like home – that’s in large thanks to you!

    So fav holiday tradition actually just happened yesterday… on ”Black Friday” every year my mom and I break out the Christmas songs and decorate the wholeeee house. My parents actually moved this year (from the only house I’ve ever known them to have!) so it was really nice to have traditions from their old house in their new house 🙂 ALSO, since we live in Florida, our Christmas tree is always a palm tree. I love that little detail too 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU GUYS! ♥️

  56. My favorite holiday traditions are helping prepare the meal for our family for Christmas, and then watch Home Alone 2 and 3 with my family afterwards. Me and my dad love Home alone 3 and we laugh at it each year together like neither of us have seen it before lol.

  57. I LOVE your home decor and Reno’s. And your sweet pups!! Thanks for sharing it all with us!
    My favorite holiday movies are Elf and The Polar Express

  58. These guides are so helpful, thanks for putting them together! My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies.

  59. Came right to your page for a gift guide! Love being together with family and all but my favorite tradition is christmas dinner (second only to Thanksgiving LOL)

  60. Our favorite holiday tradition is just watching a slew of random holiday films. Our classics are Home alone, the Holiday, Four Christmases, Last Holiday and a Christmas Story!

  61. My favorite holiday tradition: On the evening of Christmas Eve, my husband and I will take the gifts we got for each other into separate rooms and wrap them. We aren’t allowed into the other’s room, but they’re across the hall from each other – so we leave the doors open and put our favorite Christmas movie on (White Christmas) on one of our laptops and have it playing loudly in the hallway. It’s so fun to do it “together” and to hear each other’s commentary- which normally results in lots of laughter. 🙂

  62. I love your blog! Im stealing your diy hexagon mirror idea to decorate my dining room. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating my house and the Christmas tree with my husband and baking choc-chip cookies for family and friends.

  63. FaVoRiTe ChRiStMaS TrAdItIoN:
    *******Baking my grams infamous holiday cookies, bagging them in these cute fancy Christmas bags, drinking spiked hot coco and then being a little tipsy walking around neighborhood to pass out holiday cookies to neighbors. SO MUCH FUN EVERY YEAR

  64. I’m a new follower and I’m so impressed by you and your style!! I love literally everything you post so I’ve been having to be careful not to buy everything! My favorite holiday tradition is wearing the matching Christmas PJs my mom gets the whole family every year!

  65. Favorite holiday tradition is going to see the Christmas Lights! We have a huge light display in our city that you can drive or walk through and we go every year on the evening of Thanksgiving. So pretty and definitely the best way to kickoff the holiday season!

  66. My favorite holiday tradition is candlelight service on Christmas Eve, and then we go out to dinner for my brother’s birthday which is Christmas Day! I love watching the Holiday at least once every Christmas!

  67. Favorite holiday Christmas tradition is as a family we decorate the tree with our family memory ornaments. While we do this we drink hot cocoa and have a Christmas movie on.

  68. We always watch Christmas vacation while we decorate the tree! My family has done it for years and now my husband and I have adopted the tradition!

  69. Favorite family holiday tradition is going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service and coming home & listening to Christmas music with the fire on in the fire place and decorating the tree with the special ornaments.
    Love snuggling with my mama and watching all the hallmark Christmas movies too!

  70. Let the gift shopping begin! *praise hands* Such a good sale roundup. I was literally stumped on Black Friday because I wasn’t doing my research beforehand lol! My fave holiday movies are Daddy’s Home + Daddy’s Home 2… Saw them in theaters with my fiance and our friends and we laughed our buns off and it’s still my favorite memory 🙂

  71. This guide is so helpful when you’re trying to find all the deals in one place! Our favorite tradition is wearing matching pjs & having breakfast for dinner on Christmas 🙂

    -xo, Azanique

  72. My favorite holiday tradition is busting out my grandmas cookbook and baking her classic cut out sugar cookies. I’m biased but they remind me of the loft house cookies but better and I love baking them every year!

  73. Thank you for putting together this extensive post, so so helpful. It’s so hard keeping track of all the fashion deals so it’s nice to have it all in one place!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is being in my hometown after Thanksgiving and picking a tree out with my siblings and spending the rest of the night decorating it and the rest of the house. Accompanied by Christmas music and hot chocolate of course. 🙂

  74. It’s just me and my very long time boyfriend but I want us to have traditions too, so for the past three years we’ve made a gingerbread house during the Thanksgiving holiday while watching elf. Then we leave it up as a decoration through Christmas.

  75. Favorite Christmas Tradition: Watching Christmas movies as we put up our tree. Our favorites are The Santa Claude, Elf & Home Alone.

  76. Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: SO weird but my entire family listens to the old Arlo Guthrie song “Alices Restaurant” on repeat while we eat lunch. It’s a funny Thanksgiving satirical story.
    Favorite Christmas Tradition: my husband reads the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20 before anyone opens gifts. His whole life his grandfather read it every year until he passed away a few years ago. It’s even more special now.

  77. Your blog is so eye-catching and user-friendly, kudos to you! Love the holidays and especially love watching It’s a Wonderful Life by the fireplace with the whole fam on Christmas Eve ???????? ????

  78. I love your home and inspiration! My favorite tradition is going to the NC mountains to pick out our Christmas tree!

  79. I love your holiday gift guide! I always struggle with ideas for a couple people on my list, so this is so helpful! My absolute fav christmas movie is Santa Clause! And one of my mine and my husband’s first tradition after we got married is to watch Santa Clause and drink hot chocolate as we decorate the Christmas tree! I love it ♥︎ Another one of my favorite traditions growing up was to bake rolls, cinnamon rolls and pies for the holidays. She taught me a love for baking and home making. I continue on the tradition and always think of her!

  80. Thanks for this post – so so useful! My favorite holiday tradition is making candy with my mom and sister. It’s so simple, but it gives us a real opportunity to slow down and reconnect. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  81. My favorite holiday tradition is doing a gift exchange with all the kids in the family and ending it with a holiday cookie decorating contest. Thank you for all the holiday deals!

  82. My favorite Christmas tradition involves movie. Every year since I can remember we would watch “Christmas Vacation”. My husband had never seen it before but he’s now all in on continuing the tradition.

  83. Thank you so much for your holiday gift guide! My holiday tradition would be nut rolls! My mom makes the best nut roll around. She used to sell them when we were kids but now we make them and give them away as gifts! Everyone looks forward to a nut roll each year and I look forward to baking with my mom!

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