Refreshing Our Fireplace & Mantle

With the holidays behind us, it felt time for something fresh in our home. Not only was I in the mood for a paint change (hello, new favorite color) but I mixed in some new and old pieces (mostly old) for a neutral and fresh welcome to the new year. In case you’re in need of some inspiration when it comes to decorating after the holidays, today I wanted to share a few pieces I’m absolutely loving. Most of these can be styled in multiple corners of your home too, not just a fireplace/mantle.

First off, I decided to give our mantle a total paint refresh in the color “Flower Jar” by Magnolia (found it at Ace Hardware). I feel like it gives it a more modern feel as opposed to white shiplap. Next, I grabbed some of my favorite items around the house including this chunky knit blanket, wooden beaded garland we had on our Christmas tree, books, and vases and bowls made of natural materials. With the fireplace no longer being white, I felt like the items needed to remain fairly neutral and natural.


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3 thoughts on “Refreshing Our Fireplace & Mantle

  1. Love it! Where is the knitted blanket from? Trying to get the same one for my room! Thank you so much for providing all this content!

    1. It’s an older blanket from Nordstrom but they seem to sell it every year! I want to say the brand was Treasure & Bond!

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