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Our Rental-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Under $500

We recently added some changes to our kitchen in our apartment and, for under $500, it feels like a totally new kitchen! We added some faux marble counter-top paper, faux backsplash subway tile, switched out the cabinet pulls for something new, and removed two of...

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Fall Decor Finds


I just got back inside from our usual Saturday morning walk through the park (Colbie loves the off-leash hours before 9am) and it’s the first morning where it felt like summer was actually gone. I looked at the weather forecast and I only see highs...

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August Collection of Etsy Prints

Life in NYC

Incase you didn’t know, back in January I started an Etsy shop for fun just as a way to share some of my favorite photos that can easily be incorporated into a home. I’ve always LOVED creating gallery walls and my hope is that you’ll find something...

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My First Cosmetic Dermatology Experience


For the last two years or so, I’ve been wanting to try something to help with my eyes looking tired 24/7… specifically, under-eye or “tear trough” filler. My genes are not on my side when it comes to undereye bags and, no matter how much...

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Meet Shelby

Pretty in the Pines was created in the summer of 2014 and has been providing inspiration, ideas, and tips for home decorating, casual outfits, and more ever since. Though currently living in New York City, the name “Pretty in the Pines” originated from my home state of North Carolina and will always remind me of where this space started. These days, you can find me exploring our new home in the city, taking long walks through Central Park with our dog, and finding ways to make our pre-war Manhattan apartment feel like home. My goal is to help you feel your best, whether it’s helping you find a comfortable and confident outfit that will last, providing easy home tips (even for a rental) so you can feel happy and at peace in your current space, or taking you on a long walk with me through the park and chatting about life. Welcome!

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